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   Chapter 101 Chance Encounter Brings Waves Again (Part One) (Part Two)

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In her dream, he was tall and straight, still cold and dazzling. He was still holding his beautiful fiancee in his arms, smiling gently. But when he turned his head and saw her, his face immediately became gloomy.

"Why did you kill me?" He shouted as he pounced on her from all directions. "Why..."

"No... Sorry... I have no choice... I don't want..." Feeling herself falling down, she waved her hands in panic, trying to grasp something.

But he just looked at her with cold eyes. His handsome face was as cold as ice. "Give me back everything you deserve!"

"Please don't... Jacob... You can't do this to me..." She shouted with all her strength as she fell into the bottomless abyss...

"Era, Era... You are dreaming again!" Arthur was waken up by the disturbance at the bedside. He was still in a daze, pushing Era away.

"Uh..." Waking up from the nightmare, Era stared at her son with her sleepy eyes. Why was she sleeping in Arthur's room? And why had she seen... Jacob?


Arthur's voice woke her up from her sleep. "It's okay, baby. I want to sleep with you today, can I?"

"Yes." Arthur moved towards the bed obediently, and Era crawled into the quilt and held his small and warm body.

"Go to sleep." She patted him on the back.

Arthur closed her eyes. He knew that stupid Era couldn't fall asleep again for somebody.

Era was confused again. Jacob must hate her very much now! If he knew the existence of Arthur, he might be ruthless enough to take Arthur away from her!

No, he couldn't, she couldn't let him know the existence of Arthur.

As long as they no longer met, she believed that their peaceful life would not be destroyed...

Don't meet him! It should be easy! This city was neither too large nor too small. It was not easy to have an encounter by chance...

Yes, she didn't have to frighten herself anymore. As if nothing had happened, Era wrapped her arms around her son. She only wanted Arthur. As long as she and Arthur lived happily and simply together, she would be satisfied.

The chaotic eyes became clear in the moonlight, and sleepiness attacked Era again...

The sun was shining and the summer was hot.

The weather was stuffy and hot. Even a saint couldn't help but go crazy, let alone the mortal with bad temper.

"Where is my car?" Jacob threw the question coldly as soon as the phone was connected.

"Then... Well..."

"Which one?" It was even worse this time.

"The man who's in charge of repairing your car said that it will take more than thirty minutes, boss." The driver was frightened and dared not to stammer again.

"If I don't see my car in thirty minutes, you will be dead!" Damn it, he even asked him to wait for thirty minu

een staring at a set of delicate jewelry in the glass cabinet all the time, so she hurried over and inquired enthusiastically.

"No, I... Take a look." She glanced at the children's area perfunctorily, in case that any movement here disturbed the father and son who were eating ice.

No good, she saw the little face hidden in the mango ice suddenly raised, turned around and looked in her direction.

She exclaimed and hid herself under the counter, ignoring the surprised looks from the saleslady.

"What's wrong?" Looking at Arthur who was devouring her food, but suddenly raised his head and looked at the left. Jacob followed his eyes, but saw nothing.

"I think I saw mom... I can't see her now... Well, maybe I was wrong." He stopped looking at her and continued to immerse himself in the delicious food.

But in his heart, he murmured, 'why hasn't silly Era come yet? It took me a long time to entangle with this man who suspected to be father!'

"Okay," In fact, Jacob faintly felt that someone was peeping at him. He didn't smell danger and he didn't take it seriously.

"Little guy, where's your mother?" Being reminded of this, he suddenly felt annoyed at his mother who casually left a child aside.

Arthur pointed at top with a spoon. "She went there to buy our living goods. We had used up all the tissue. She took me here for shopping every few days."

"Why don't you go upstairs with her?"

"No way! Every time mother asked me to wait for a long time, and she looked so stupid with many bags in her hands. It was so embarrassing to follow her." ...

What a jerk! It was exactly because of this that he refused to follow her every time! Squatting down in front of the counter, Era clenched her teeth and swore to herself that she would teach him a lesson when she got back...

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