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   Chapter 100 Chance Encounter Brings Waves Again (Part One) (Part One)

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"Uncle, please, please take me to see my father..." Seeing that he didn't say anything, Arthur began to act cute, making him more attractive.

"Do you want to see your father anyway?" Suddenly, an idea flashed through Jay's mind, 'well, that might work.'

"Yes, I must see him anyway."

"But Italy is too far."


"Why don't you ask your father to come to S City?"

"Really?" Would he was perfunctory to him?


If my method doesn't work, you can fly to Italy again."

"Yeah!" Arthur exclaimed, raising his little arms excitedly.

For fear that he would be discovered by Era, Arthur got off the car early and played around for a while before returning home.

... ...

In the evening, at the headquarters of Imperial Group, L City in Italy——

In the large office, the big curtain of the office was closed tightly without any light. There was a black shadow lying lazily on the big leather chair on the carved desk.

In the darkness, Jacob had a strong character and a deep outline. His angular face was covered with gloom, but his eyes gave out sharp and cold light.

After a long time of silence, he suddenly stood up and picked up a photo that was scattered on the scroll.

This was the material sent by Jay. He did a good job in the merge and had taken several photos of the hotel they would take. At first, he didn't care much about it. But when he saw the figures of two in the photo, he was shocked.

The background in the photo was the beautifully decorated hall, where a delicate woman was holding a little boy about five or six years old and was about to go out. That woman only showed her side face. But he recognized it at a glance!

She had a baby! ...

Jacob's dead heart seemed to start beating again. Perhaps, he should do something before he got married! Then he called his secretary in a low voice, "inform assistant Jay that I will sign the contract in S City myself."

Today is Arthur's birthday——

"Uncle Brooks, godmother, you are here!" Arthur, the little birthday boy who was watching TV in the living room, greeted Brooks and Allie obediently.

"Good boy. This is your birthday gift!" Allie handed him a well wrapped g

e deal with it here." Allie asked Brooks, waving her hand.

"No, thanks." But Era drew back her hand. "Just take some water." She turned around and walked into the kitchen. The mist of water had blurred her eyes. She was afraid that they would see her.

"Era." Brooks followed her and called her worriedly.

She managed her efforts to hold back the tears and turned her head with a smile, which seemed not to care about it at all. "Don't worry. I'm fine. It's just a small cut. I remember that I got more serious wounds when I learned to cook."

Brooks frowned. Did she forget what he said? The more she tried to hide, the more suspicious she was.

Though they all had their own thoughts. However, no one had the slightest expression on their faces to show their happiness. It seemed that Arthur's fifth birthday was still very lively...

When night fell, the moon shone into the room slowly through the window and silver white light flowed all over the floor.

The child had already fallen asleep soundly. Sitting beside the bed, Era looked at him quietly.

Arthur was really like him, especially when he was asleep. She could not help caressing his soft cheeks... Everything was so clean and pure...

The sudden appearance of Jacob was like a violent wind wrinkled her heart lake, which she had just calmed down, making her difficult to sleep.

Looking at Arthur. The clock was walking on the wall, Era finally fell asleep in her son's cot.

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