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   Chapter 99 The Game Of Destiny (Part Two)

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His father had entrusted him to take good care of Jacob. His father was Jay's benefactor, and Jay was Jacob's brotherhood. He couldn't allow Jacob to live a lifeless life like a robot.

He had called Elizabeth in Brazil for celebration. She only said, "in your country, there is a saying goes 'in order to untie the bell, the person who tied it is required'. Isn't it?"

Of course he knew that Elizabeth was referring to Era. But when he was hesitating whether to reveal the news of Era to Jacob, he suddenly heard that he was going to get married.

He hesitated. Maybe marriage could change Jacob and help him restore humanity a little. But he didn't think that Joan could change Jacob. If she could make any change, why did he wait for six years?

The next day, Jay came to S City.

With his connections in S City, it wouldn't be a problem to solve the merge case. Much to his surprise, he heard that Era had come back to S City.

In the Warmth Flower Shop.

Lowering her head and sorting out a bunch of perfume lily, Era didn't notice a tall man walked in with slow steps.

Jay took the opportunity to size her up, as if her beautiful hair was on the back of her head, and the beige dress demonstrated her graceful figure. It had been only a few years since they last met. Now, she had become a beautiful woman. She looked especially charming when she was tidying the bouquet carefully.

He just didn't know if there was Jacob in her heart. If she had been calm, he would not be able to drag her back to Jacob's life.

Era cuts off the redundant leaves of the bouquet and turns to spray some water on the red rose. She crashed into a wall of strong meat. "Ouch..." She didn't notice the handsome guest until she covered her aching nose. He was looking at her with a pair of sharp black eyes.

"Brother... Jay!" She exclaimed and couldn't believe what she had seen. She then glanced at the man behind him subconsciously.

"What? Am I that scary?" Observing her tiny movements, Jay looked at her and smiled mildly...

At night, the moon shone brightly.

Era tossed and turned in bed——

"Jacob and Joan are getting married..."

"Jacob and Joan are getting married..."

"Jacob and Joan are getting married..."

Jay's words echoed in her ears, getting more and more loud! She couldn't fall asleep.

"Really? Please congratulate them for me." She had answered indifferently, but her heart seemed to be affected by something and was restless all the time.

He got married? ... Why did he send people to show off in front of her? Does he think no one wants her? Does he think no one will marry her? It was not because she had been bragging. Since she had left him, her pur

and turned around to sit in the driver's seat, "let me drive you back."

"No way! Uncle, I'm here to see Jacob. You take me to see him. Humph! I'll ask him why he bullied Era. Why does he leave Era and Arthur behind and marry another woman?" Arthur pouted and chattered.

Jay looked at him from the rearview mirror, frowning slightly. He was actually a little confused by a little boy.

"Baby, do you know that your father is in Italy now, far from here!"

"I don't care! Uncle is his friend. You have to come to his wedding, just follow you."

"Uh..." Jay was speechless, "baby, if you disappeared suddenly, your mother would be sad to death."

"It doesn't matter. If I make her sad a few days and I get daddy back, she will be very happy."

"How do you know? Maybe she abandoned your father."

"Of course she won't. otherwise, why does she cry at the mention of dad? And, she..." Arthur blinked with his big eyes. Uh... 'Although he is dad's friend, he is just a stranger to me. Why did he say so much to me?' he thought. "Anyway, it must be dad's fault." He waved his hand and looked impatient.

The overbearing look that inadvertently revealed was like someone's!

Jay couldn't help but sigh that the creator made people miserable.

On that day, when she saw that lie was going to get married, she reacted indifferently. She thought that lie was the most important person in her heart, but now it seemed that not so.

In fact, he had been hesitating whether he should act again to bring the two of them together. Because he couldn't predict their future. If it turns out to be a happy ending, everyone will be happy. However, if they really couldn't be together. He was so afraid that Jacob will disappear the last glimmer of hope, and that Era will be hurt to the core...

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