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   Chapter 96 Baby's Birth (Part One)

Fair-haired Boy By Ai Xiaomo Characters: 7190

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"What do you mean, Enoch?" At the corner of the corridor, Grace shouted with anger as she caught up with the crippled Enoch.

"Didn't you hear that? I almost blurted it out."

"Just let it go. Anyway, she is not your biological daughter."

"Shut up! You know what? There is an agreement between me and Fancy that if I disclose the identity of Era on my own initiative, I won't get even one cent of the shares owned by her. If I can keep the secret, I will get twenty percent more..."

"Ah, what about the rest?"

"Let's talk about it later." With a look of impatience on his face, Enoch thought, 'if this woman is half as clever as Fancy, I won't be so upset now.'

The next day, Era was discharged from the hospital.

After taking the antidote, the virus did recover quickly. There was no need for her to stay in the hospital since there was nothing serious with her body. When she walked out of the hospital with Allie, she found that she had nowhere to go.

In C City, nothing could be missed anymore. Allie insisted that they should return to S City.

Era found a hotel first and rented an apartment in a place called Branch Water Community for several days. A few days later, Allie volunteered to move in as she said the dormitory was too crowded. Era knew that she moved here to take care of her. Allie said that she wanted to share half of the rent and living expense. But Era refused her. She said that she would take her to the hospital if she couldn't walk with her baby...

Days passed peacefully and happily. She wanted to go to the hospital for pregnancy test, choose clothes and toys for her baby, and do some simple exercises with the aunts on the square.

She didn't have to worry about Jacob because Jay let Allie tell her that Jacob was in good health and he had left S City and returned to the headquarters of the Imperial Group.

But something must change after everything went smoothly——

On that day, an unexpected visitor suddenly came. He was the lawyer whom Fancy entrusted to him. When he saw Era, he apologized at once. He said that when he carried out Ms. Ling's will, he had forgotten something. After

nks they are very similar, so she offered to help. After getting along with Melissa Shen for some time, she found that she was not so difficult to get along with, in fact, she was very easygoing.

But Melissa Shen was luckier than her. Her husband, Dennis Leng, came to the hospital before the delivery. It was a handsome and cold man who attracted everyone's attention as soon as he appeared. He was as overbearing as Jacob, but his eyes were much gentler than Jacob.

Era was envious of the man who was a little over 1.8 meters in front of the delivery room nervously.

She couldn't fall asleep that night. She looked at Jacob's photo carefully all night. She thought, if Jacob treated her as Dennis Leng did to Melissa Shen, perhaps she would not choose to leave in such a decisive way.

She thought time could dilute everything, just like the relationship between her and Brooks. Unexpectedly, her memory of him is only temporarily sealed up for safekeeping, and once it did inadvertently open, it would be turbulent thoughts...

More than twenty days later, Melissa Shen left together with her husband, expressing her hatred for him.

She didn't have time to find out what happened between them.

She had thought that they were just her passers-by in her life, and perhaps they would never meet again. To her surprise, a few months later, Melissa Shen brought her daughter, Lily Leng, to the Branch Water Community.

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