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   Chapter 95 Children, Can't Lose (Part Two)

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Three days later——

Ouch! She felt pain all over her body!

Shocked by the acute pain, Era opened her eyes slowly and saw nothing but pale...

'Where is this? Heaven or hell? Mother...' She wanted to turn around and look for her, but she couldn't help but froze.

"Era? "

Who was calling her? 'Is that mother?' Era thought. Stunned, she looked up, and a haggard face came into her eyes.

"Allie... Allie..."

Allie carefully touched her pale face, her eyes full of tears.

"How do you feel? Would you like some water?" Her voice was hoarse.

"It... It hurts..."

"Of course it hurts. Why are you so silly, Era? You are already eroded by the pain of the illness, and you hurt yourself so cruelly..." She tried to hold back her tears. "But the doctor said that it was lucky that you scratched yourself and gave off some poisonous blood. Otherwise, even God couldn't save you... Of course, the driver was very conscientious. He felt something was wrong and went up the mountain to check. When he found that you were lying in a pool of blood, he called the hospital in a hurry."

She stared at Allie, her eyes red, her healthy red skin color being completely replaced by white, which was a sharp contrast to the terrifying black rim of eye... Gradually, she lost all her senses and thought back to her head bit by bit, and then the scenes clearly presented in her mind from the beginning to the end.

She was infected with the virus and killed herself by cutting her wrist... However...

"I... Still alive? You... Why are you here?" She muttered.

"Of course you are alive, you idiot! You didn't know how to cherish your life. As for me, the hospital got your phone and informed me according to the number above. You know that? I couldn't believe my ears when I received the call!"

"I just..."

"You just don't want to be a burden to us. You want to bear any pain on your own..." Allie couldn't help rolling her eyes. "You are really an idiot! I was almost scared to death by you! Do you know what is a friend used for? I'm not trying to betray you. I'm trying to help you whenever you are in trouble."

"I'm sorry... "

"You should say sorry," Allie stood up with a pout. "You lied to me in Southeast Asia while you were here. I almost scolded the hospital. How dare they curse my friend?"

"Haha..." Era was amused by her funny look.

"Well, you just wake up and you are still very weak. I will forgive you this time. Close your eyes and have a rest."

"Yes." Era closed her eyes and opened them again.

"What's wrong? Do you feel uncomfortable?" Allie seemed nervous.

"No, I didn't..." She shook her head. "Just now, you were so valiant."


"I'm a patient. I'm going to rest..."

"You..." Allie pointed at her, feeling

tone changed nervously. "Are you okay? "

"I'm fine." Era shook her head.

Allie became furious when she saw the blood on her lips. She stood up abruptly and turned back like a female tiger who protected her kid. "Who are you? How could you be so impolite? You are not welcome here. Get out of here right now!" Hum, if it weren't for that he was an old man with a stick, she would slap him for Era!"

"She deserves it!" Being taught a lesson from a young girl made him lose his face, so Enoch yelled back in anger. "Well, it's none of your business. Father is responsible for his daughter. Why do you meddle?" Grace opened her mouth ironically.

"Father?" Allie was taken aback. "You are the inhuman father of Era." She pulled up her sleeve and said, "okay. I'm going to get even with you."

"Allie..." Era had never seen her so fierce.

"It's none of your business!" Allie raised her hand and walked towards Enoch. "Do you know that Era almost lost her life because of you! Why didn't any of you come to see her during her three days' coma. Now, she is just out of danger, but you slapped her. How can you be so heartless? How could you be so cruel to your own daughter?"

"No, she is not my biological daughter!" Frightened by Allie's overbearing manner, Enoch stepped back. He took it off in a hurry, and a flicker of panic flashed through his eyes.

"That's good. Era doesn't want a father either. You may leave now. See you next time!" Allie pushed him to the door.

"Hey, this is our family affair. How dare you..." With that, Grace walked towards Allie and grabbed her arm.

But Enoch glared at her and said, "let's go!"

"Walk slowly!" Allie shut the door with a bang.

"Era, don't listen to him. "

"Yes..." Era nodded her head with a smile, but Enoch's words echoed in her ears, "she is not my biological daughter!"

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