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   Chapter 93 Not Willing To Die (Part Two)

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"You are my woman. Of course I like you! And now I think I like you more..." When the Ferris wheel fell sharply, the words resounded in the small space, but the later part of the Ferris wheel drifted with the wind, and did not arrive in her ears.

She only heard one sentence, "of course I like you." It's enough. She closed her eyes. Two of them, no! Maybe it was a good ending for three of them to leave together...

All of a sudden, the world was quiet.

It was so quiet that even a shiver ran down the spine.

Era felt everything was black, like a bottomless hole...

In the control room, the staff of the amusement park were as anxious as ants on a hot pan——

"Well, I found out that there was something wrong with the control system here."

"What are you doing? Fix it as soon as possible. Make sure to fix it before it falls."

'God, please, please, please!' They couldn't offend the people in the Ferris wheel, so they couldn't make any mistakes!

"Well, the system has been repaired and the control of the Ferris wheel has been restored! "Someone shouted excitedly. Then everyone looked out of the window and saw the Ferris wheel stop in a dangerous way less than half a meter from the ground!

"Jacob, wonderful!" Like a little monkey, Era rapidly held around Jacob's neck and cheered happily, "we are still alive, and we can see the sun tomorrow."

"Woman, you can be more excited!"


"For example, you can kiss me..."

"You pervert!" Era kicked at his knees.

"How dare you kick me?"

"Yes, I kicked you. So what?"

"Don't push your luck!" With a frown, Jacob held her up and walked out of the Ferris wheel. Damn it! This place was full of bad luck and he didn't want to stay here for even a minute.

"Jacob!" She nestled in his arms and whispered, "do you know how charming it is when you say 'don't worry, I'll be under you'? My heart has been touched for a long time. I want..."


A sudden voice above Era's head surprised her. He heard it! Fortunately, she did not finish her sentence, because she wanted to say the sentence——

I think I have fallen in love with you!

Flustered, she slipped from his arms to the ground and prevaricated, "I think, how should I thank you? How about this..." As soon as she finished saying that, she had stood on her tiptoe to give him a kiss on his soft lips.

"That's better!" Jacob snorted coldly.

They had a good time frolicking each other like this. It would be better if the sky was not dark anymore! Era smiled at him and frowned.

However, it's still dark. Era was sitting alone in the bedroom and staring at the sapph

vered her lower abdomen with her hands subconsciously and crouched on the ground for a long time, not daring to move. Fortunately, her baby was as strong as her.

But what's the use of being strong? Naros was nowhere to be found. Where was her antidote? He said that he was the only one in the world who had the antidote. So cold! She curled up again and huddled in front of the door of the Xu family's house...

Suddenly, she felt a movement in her belly and she woke up.

She couldn't give up so easily! She wouldn't give up so easily for her baby. She took out her cell phone in a hurry and dialed Joan's number. But, once, twice... It kept reminding her that she was busy.

Era kept calling her. She was her last hope now. She had promised her that she would find a way to get the antidote for her.

Finally, the phone was picked up. It was Joan's impatient voice——

"Hey, Era. What are you doing? I have saved your parents successfully, haven't I? What else do you want?"

"Antidote? You promised me."

"I've tried my best. Naros has escaped with the antidote and we are chasing him now. We will inform you if we get any news." Then, Joan hung up the phone.

"Naros, escaped! There is no antidote..." Era stared at the phone and murmured. She had no choice but to die, which was painful...

She was not afraid of death or pain, but she was not willing to accept it.

She had been trying to have a family by every means, but in the end, they will all die.

Why was destiny so cruel to her! What did she do wrong?

She was dizzy and began to walk aimlessly again... Until a burst of tingling pain, her legs were tired out. She thought that she should find a quiet place to end her life. She couldn't be exposed to the street...

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