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   Chapter 92 Not Willing To Die (Part One)

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Updated: 2020-03-25 00:12

"Woman, you're here to play, not to see someone. You can see me." Jacob glared at her. He thought she had a silly question. It was great that no one would squeeze, no one would rob. They could play whatever they wanted to play.

This man was really unreasonable. Since there was no tourists in the amusement park, what's the fun with only a lifeless machine left? Giving Jacob a pinch on his strong arm to vent her anger, he lowered his head and looked at her dangerously.

Era stared back fearlessly, "man, you are really boring and uninteresting."

"Era!" She was really getting bolder and bolder. Did she really think that he could do nothing to her?

"What? Did I say anything wrong?" If it weren't for the fact that they only had a short time to be together, she would have left without hesitation.

"By the way, do you want to play or not?" Jacob frowned impatiently and asked coolly.

"Of course... I want to play!"

After a fierce battle of words, the attendants behind them were shocked. According to the order from the top, there was mysterious guests visit. The attendants were asked to clear the site immediately. Fortunately, there were not many people in the afternoon, which made their staff spend a lot of time talking.

But now, two distinguished guests were arguing about this.

"Sir, miss." With a professional smile, he walked up to them and said, "which area do you want to go? I can help you at any time. If you think there are few people, you can let our staff..."

"No need!"

"No need!"

However, they rejected in unison this time.

She didn't want a bunch of staff to follow her. Era rolled her eyes.

She thinks he's enough trouble. Jacob frowned and waved his hand, "you can leave now."

"But..." The superior told him to accompany them in person.

"We like to go to the amusement park by ourselves." Era held Jacob's arm and smiled sweetly.

"Well, all right."

Seeing the man walk away, Jacob lowered his eyes and glanced at Era. 'This woman is quite sensible!' he thought!

Era excitedly dragged him to the merry-go-round and said, "Jacob, let's go."

"Era, do you want me to play with such childish things?" He didn't look very well.

"What is not childish? Jacob!" Er

excitement of the wild and brave progress, the towering trees and tall buildings which were full of noises...

Although everything was so good, Era didn't dare to open her eyes. She just held his arm tightly, even imagined that she was still standing on the ground.

Jacob leaned forward and touched her chin with his finger pulps. Then he gave a mysterious smile and was about to kiss her fragrant lips.

But unexpectedly, the Ferris wheel suddenly shook, and Era leaned forward and plunged into his arms. He then took advantage of the opportunity to catch her and put her in his arms, feeling more and more restless.? The Ferris wheel stopped in an instant. It seemed that there was something wrong, and it might fall down by force. At the moment, they were caught in an unprecedented crisis.

"Is there anything wrong?" Curling up in his arms, Era asked calmly. After so many times of life and death, she had already learned to be calm.


"Why not?"

"God knows!"

"What bad luck!"

"Damn it! I shouldn't have come here!" It was his first time coming here. However, something was wrong! Haha, who could have thought that Jacob would die in this way.

"Jacob, will we fall and die?"

"It's possible!"

"Then what should we do?"

"Woman..." Jacob held her into his arms tightly and comforted her in a low voice, "don't worry. I'll be under you!"

"Why?" Era raised her eyes. She had to figure out some problems before she died. "Do you like me a little?"

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