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   Chapter 91 How To Say Goodbye (Part Two)

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"Haha..." Noticing her changing expressions, Joan continued with a smile, "I should know more than that. For example, your family has been taken as hostages by them..."

"Stop beating about the bush. Tell me your purpose." Since the situation was bad enough, it wouldn't matter to add one more thing.

"My purpose? I want to help you... I just want you to cooperate with me." Joan smiled gracefully.

When Era left the cafe, she kept wandering on the street aimlessly until it was nearly dusk. By the time it was dark outside, Jacob sent subordinates to search for her and took her back to the Glory Hotel.

In the deluxe presidential suite, Jacob sat against the sofa in a cold face. Even his eyes were full of coldness, just like a cold lake without any emotion.

Only the cigarette between his fingertips and the smoke curling around him slightly showed his anger.

The bodyguard led Era into the room and left quietly. There were only the two of them in the room, and the air seemed to be frozen.

Jacob pressed his cigarette butt on the edge of the black rock. When he was about to say something. "Woman, you..."

Era had already rushed over, plunged into his arms and interrupted him. She said she would take the initiative.

"Jacob, are you angry with me? I'm sorry. I just miss the blue sky and white clouds outside so much, and Venus's coffee... I couldn't help but sneak out." She held his neck and kissed him on the face.

The kiss was as gentle as a dragonfly skimming over the surface, but slowly melted the ice pool in his black eyes, extinguishing the burning anger in his chest.

However, he's trying hard to find her. He can't forgive her so easily.

"Woman, do you know you are wrong?" Holding on to her jaw, he frowned and asked.

"I know I was wrong. Don't be angry. It will do harm to your health..." As she spoke, she put her small hands on his strong chest and touched it back and forth to soothe his anger.

Abruptly, Jacob grabbed hold of her hands which were messing around his body, and said, "woman, you should know that you should be punished since you did something wrong."


Then, she was turned over and lied on his leg. She asked, "Hey, what are you doing?" She struggled.

He held her with one hand, raised the other hand high, and spanked her cute little butt. "Woman, you have to remember, if you resist me, the consequences will be very serious!" Then, he kept patting... However, the sound was clear, Era only felt a bit numb.

"Jacob!" She screamed and f

y Jacob. "Haha..." She explained with a smile, "I've been like this every once in a while. I'll feel better after taking some medicine."

"Well, drink this bowl of soup. It's good for your stomach."

"Okay." Era picked up the spoon and scooped out the soup, lowering her head. She didn't dare to look up because she was afraid that he would see her wet eyes.

Jacob! Why? Why are you so gentle at this time?

Will it be my beautiful memory today, or will it become the main cause that I can't sleep well every night?

"Where do you want to go next?" When the dinner was almost finished, Jacob took up the amber liquid, raised his head slowly and asked.

He didn't know much about dating. But if her heart could be beaten by a day's patience, he would be very pleased...

"Amusement park." Era blurted out without hesitation. She remembered that she had watched a popular idol play where the protagonists were seated on the merry-go-round, romantic and beautiful.

Since she couldn't be the heroine of a story, she just had a dream.

Amusement park? At the thought of the hustle and bustle there, Jacob's face darkened. He immediately stood up and said, "I'm going to make a call."

The sports car sped on, reaching the largest amusement park in S City. The venue, which was usually bustling, was now very quiet.

The entrance was specially treated, and the ticket was completely off, and there was also given VIP level. Accompanied by a staff all the way. Era grabbed Jacob's sleeve and asked in a low voice, "did you do it? Where is the man from the amusement park?" Right now, Era was so furious that there was nobody in the amusement park, which made her panic...

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