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   Chapter 87 Women, Be Obedient (Part Two)

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"Come on, drink something first..." Jacob coaxed her patiently. But Era was clear in mind. He was not as harmless as he looked. In fact, he is a lurking beast, who laughed at you a moment ago, and will be bold enough to bite you the next moment.

"Era, be good. Get up." He patiently coaxed her.

Era still didn't move.

"Do you want me to feed you in person?" His tone became a little threatening.

Era turned over and left him with his back.

"Era!" Suddenly a cold voice sounded.

Didn't hear, didn't hear! Era wrapped herself up with the quilt.

"You..." Flames of fury were burning in his eyes. All of a sudden, he embraced her. "Era, how dare you ignore me?"

Being locked up by his sharp eyes, she felt the coldness around her. Era stopped pretending to be deaf and said with a fake smile, "I dare not. How dare I ignore you?"

"You should remember that our game has just begun," he said in a plain tone, which clearly revealed coldness. "From now on, if you don't want to live too hard, you must obey my rules."

Era's heart trembled with fear. "What are you talking about? Rules?"

Jacob suddenly laughed, reached out his hand and patted her on the head. His voice was as cold as usual. "First, don't hook up with other men again..."

"I didn't. I didn't hook up with other men!"

"Correct mistakes if you have made any and guard against them if you have not. Don't interrupt me again. Don't ignore me. And answer all my questions. Second, don't be glib in front of me and tell me the truth. Third, don't say dirty words in front of me. Fourth..." Hearing the unfair terms, Era's face convulsed. "Why don't you just tell me what I can do?"

"Comprehend it by yourself!" He loosened his arms, left stunned Era, stood up and walked to the door.

"Why? Why should I obey your shit rules? Why do you restrict my freedom?"

Era asked while looking at his back. Jacob stopped his big hand which was holding the doorknob and turned around. He didn't get angry, instead he laughed, but his smile didn't come from his heart. "I'm just seduced by you on your own initiative!" His black eyes flashed with complex emotions. "Everything of you belongs to me. I told you, I am your first man!"

Era was stunned. Her beautiful eyes were full of anger. Damn reason! How she wished she could go back in time and cut off the conflict between her and Jacob!


everything ready, she threw herself into the soft bed.

Rolling on the bed for a while, she noticed the pink wardrobe nearby.

A while later, she take a pillow and got out of bed. She opened the closet's door and got in.

She put the pillow next to her head. She had just lied down, but the plank was a little bumpy. She closed the door of the cabinet and left a seam to breath.

When she was a child, she played hide and seek with Brooks. She always liked to hide in her mother's closet. Every time Brooks couldn't find her.

He was seven years older than her, so he could easily guess what she was thinking about, but he pretended that he couldn't. He must be kidding her...

It turned out that he was not that ruthless to her.

Huh... Era yawned and felt a little sleepy. She decided to have a rest here and let them look for her.

In a luxuriously decorated restaurant, Jacob and Joan were having dinner.

"Jacob," said Joan as she put down her fork and knife, and looked at Jacob with affectionate eyes, "I've booked a guest room upstairs. Let's not go back to Jay's villa tonight, okay?".

Book a room upstairs? Jacob suddenly remembered that Era had booked a room for him that night.

"Jacob?" She volunteered to invite him, but he was absent-minded. Joan couldn't help whispering his name.

"Yes." Jacob put down his knife and fork, stood up and said, "let's go."

"Now?" Joan flushed crimson with shame and saw the impatience in Jacob's eyes. She hastily stood up and held his arm.

"Can't you wait any longer?" Jacob gave her a cold and charming smile...

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