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   Chapter 86 Women, Be Obedient (Part One)

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In a luxurious presidential suite on the 36th floor of Glory Hotel.

Era slowly opened her eyes, and for a moment she was in a trance.

The bright sunshine fell through the thin gauze curtain, leaving mottled shadows on the white soft carpet. A breeze gently blew through the gauze, making people feel as if they were on a fairyland.

The design of the room was black and white. A faint fragrance of flowers spread in every corner of the room, accompanied by the sound of Era's breath, it infiltrated into the blood.

'Where am I? Heaven? Am I dead?'

Her beautiful eyes were lost in the beauty of the room and she was unable to return to reality for a long time.

She didn't realize that she was still alive until she heard the door open and walked between the two men.

Jacob walked straight to the window, looked tall and thin in the bright sunshine.

And the other was——a doctor. He opened his medical kit, took out the stethoscope and hung it on his ear.

"No!" Era suddenly woke up and jumped out of bed. She couldn't let him have a check-up, or else her pregnancy would be exposed.

"Stay away from me!" She pointed at the doctor and warned him. And he stopped and looked at her in confusion.

"I'm not sick! Stay away from me!" Era knew that she had to pretend madness to deceive him.

"Era!" Jacob frowned and warned her to stop.

Seeing his cold eyes, Era could not help but shudder in her heart. She recalled the scene in the waiting hall. But now the most important thing for her was to dismiss the doctor.

"Miss, you won't pass out for no reason. There must be something wrong with your body. Please go around me and let me check for you..."

"No need!" Era raised her hand to stop the doctor and refused without hesitation. "I know my body best. I said I was fine and that's all. I was just... Attacked by a big dinosaur."

"Dinosaur?" Does she think this is Jurassic Park? The doctor seriously suspected that the lady was insane.

"Mr. Huangfu..." He glanced at Lyman and was shocked. His cold eyes scared the hell out of him. Did she get mad because of him.

Uh... It was too complicated for him to see.

"I see this

n's face turned as red as a piece of cloth. He wanted to hide himself.

"... I know that men can't do this. You'd better let me buy it myself." Era clapped her hands, dropping the last bag of sanitary pad.

"No, Miss Ling. Our godfather has ordered you to stay on the 36th floor."

"Oh, it doesn't matter. I will be back in a minute..."

The door was opened and in came Jacob.

"Godfather." The bodyguard in black was very respectful.

Era shivered and turned around to pick up the bag. "Fine. I won't go." she mumbled.

Jacob waved his hand at the bodyguard, and the bodyguard immediately went out with gratitude. Uh... He must report immediately. Even if he is transferred to Africa, he will never serve this woman again.

When Jacob raised his head again, he saw that Era had already taken off her shoes and put her body in the quilt.

He walked over and sat down beside her, caressing her long hair. "Are you hungry? I just called the French chef of the Albert Restaurant to cook your favorite main food and dessert. They will bring them here soon."

Era shook her head and said nothing.

She thought she was good at acting, but now it seemed that Jacob was better at it than her. He pretended to be calm after knowing what had happened in the lounge.

However, her arms and legs were covered with bruises.

Damn it, she had never been treated like this. She would never talk to him again for the rest of her life!

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