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   Chapter 80 His Fiancee (Part One)

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"You... You... What do you want to do? "

"Has Brooks ever held you like this?" Jacob whispered beside her shivering neck, "are you afraid?" I really doubt if you were really afraid of me."

"Of... Of course I am afraid." Last time in the underground garage of the seaside villa, she was almost scared to death by him.

He was right, he would completely cover her with his arms.

"What... Let go of me!" She couldn't stand it anymore! This kind of torment should be finished directly. "You can do anything to me, as you like."

"Are you sure... Anything..." '

"Your heart is beating so fast!" He lowered his long eyelashes.

How dare he play dumb with her! Era tried hard to push him away with her elbow, but he was so strong that she couldn't even move...

Oh my God!

"What are you doing?" She stopped her attempt to push him away and grabbed his hand. 'It's not right!' If it was a punishment, his action was not violent. Was this the calm before a storm! Such abnormal behavior was the most terrible thing for her!

"I'm doing what I want to do." Jacob's voice was always attractive.

Era's body stiffened, like a mummy. "I've told you that I'm not convenient."

"Haha..." He chuckled and said, "as I said... I didn't say I wanted you..."

Uh... She thought too much. A crow flew over Era's head.

"Well... Are you really just... Nothing else?"

"Well, what else do you want me to do?" He teased, looking at her with his dark eyes.

"No." Era let out a great sigh of relief. She was really thinking too much. "Hehe, you can touch whatever you like..." Anyway, she won't lose a piece of meat.

He puffed on her and turned her around. "A kiss." Before she could reply, his thin lips voluntarily covered hers.

She glared at his face, feeling that this time was not as violent as before. His eyes were burning her, but not a challenge, but a mix of... Tender?

Is he Jacob? It had been enough for her to exclaim the whole day!

Era began to doubt whether she knew him well or not! Ah, what was he doing?

Jacob was very gentle and the condition was very weird these days.

Era was frightened at first, then got used to it, and finally co

? I haven't seen you for such a long time and you don't miss me at all. Or... Don't you forget your fiancee when you have a new one!" She glanced at Era coldly.

Fiancee! Era seemed to have heard about it from Anna. She somehow felt like falling into an abyss from the top of the cloud and losing her calmness all of a sudden. She couldn't help clenching the knife and fork in her hand.

"Joan, let's talk over there." Jacob put down the tableware and removed her hand from his shoulder.

"Don't you want to introduce your friend to me?" But Joan didn't want to leave so easily.

"It's unnecessary!" Jacob frowned, took her hand and pulled her towards the door.

Unnecessary! Era looked at the back of their departure. It turned out that she was just an unnecessary woman in his heart!

Her eyes were following them all the time and she saw them standing in the middle of the corridor on the second floor. Joan whispered as if she was talking to Jacob. He grabbed her shoulder and turned around to leave. Suddenly, she pulled him and kissed him...

The intertwining figures stabbed into the eyes of Era like a sharp sword. She covered her heart unconsciously and didn't understand why her heart was so painful.

She looked far away and saw that Jacob held Joan's back and kissed her severely before letting her go...

Era can see that they are from the same world! Because she also had a mysterious aura which was similar to theirs...

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