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   Chapter 78 Involve (Part One)

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In a rage, Anna went back to her room to change her clothes.

When she passed by Era's side, a malicious light flashed through her eyes. 'Since she keeps up with Jacob, I have lost to her again and again. Is it this man who taught her so well?

Hum, Jacob, the deputy CEO of the Imperial Group! I must get you!'

Anna got dressed very soon and came back. It seemed that all the people had forgotten the episode... The greetings were gone and the dancing began.

Though dressed in an icy temperament, Jacob was still very popular. After dancing with her for the first time, he became the attention of the women again. As long as he was willing to give up his brutal aura, he would be a "women killer" no matter where he went.

Era had no intention of competing with them. Ignoring Jacob's stern face, she quietly walked to the periphery of the venue and took a glass of wine from the tray held by the waiter. She scanned the venue, trying to find a quiet corner.

Suddenly, she met a pair of burning eyes. It was Brooks. He was together with Anna, but his eyes were fixated on her. It seemed that he had mixed feelings.

After being stunned for a while, Era turned her eyes away. When she saw the dim light on the other side of the pool, she strode over and declined the invitation of several boys politely.

Sitting on the edge of the pool, Era threw her shoes aside and soaked her feet in the water. It felt cool and comfortable... She took a sip of the wine and looked at the screen——

"Era, come down here. Don't be afraid. There is nothing to be afraid of..."

"Era, be my girlfriend, okay? Then I can protect you at any time."

It was by the pool where Brooks patiently guided her to overcome her fear of water. Also by the pool, he expressed his love for her for the first time.

At that time, the naive girl thought she could get a eternal love, and she would never believe she could be like her mother, but it was hard to know what was going on! Anna's sudden appearance changed everything.!

She thought it would be painful to revisit the old haunt, but all she could feel was those complex feelings in her hea

you remember, Era? You have been clamoring to be my bride since childhood. Do you really want to give up our relationship of more than a decade for my one mindless mistake?"

Brooks's warm and earnest confession stunned Era, who stood still, clenched her fists. It was not that she hadn't cared about their feelings for more than ten years, but that her father had hurt her mother deeply in her heart. In addition, he had betrayed her, so she had been completely disappointed in the so-called love.

When she was about to ruthlessly refuse him again, she suddenly saw a familiar figure walking towards her.

It was Anna! Suddenly, a desire to revenge rose in her mind. She turned around to face Brooks and changed her tone——

"Brooks, do you really love me?"

"Yes, I can swear to the God that I only love Era."

"What about Anna?"

"I'll explain to Anna. Don't think too much. As long as you come back to me." Seeing the hope, Brooks stepped forward, afraid that he would miss Era again.

"You are evil, Era!" Suddenly, a sharp voice sounded. Hearing that, Era turned around with a smile. With a fake smile, she asked, "sister, when did you come here?"

Looking at the frozen Brooks and smiling Era, Anna exploded with rage.

"How dare you steal my boyfriend?"

She was so angry and irritated that she couldn't control herself anymore.

Without a second thought, she raised her hand and waved at Era.

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