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   Chapter 77 No Other Choice (Part Two)

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Era understood what he meant at once. She forced a smile and wrapped her arms around his neck. "What's wrong? Jacob."

"You are my woman," said him in a low voice. He pointed to her heart and continued, "no other man is allowed to be here."

"Haha..." Era giggled, "of course, I said I would be a first-class underground girlfriend. But Jacob..." She looked up at him and teased, "are you jealous? Don't fall in love with me!"

In fact, her last sentence was more a warning to herself——don't fall in love with the man in front of her! She told herself once again that Brooks was completely derailed her life. If she fell in love with the cold man, she would surely fall into the hell, the worst that could happen to her.

So, no matter what, she had to keep her heart! Never, fall in love with him! !

"Woman, you are warning me!" He squinted his eyes to hide the inexplicable stirring up in his heart. He lowered his head and pressed his forehead against hers.

"How dare I?" She acted like a spoiled child. But because of his burning breath, her eyes were somewhat dazed.

"You'd better be."

"Of course. I..."

"Sister, you see, Brooks is still so popular. There's no way out." Seeing that Brooks was surrounded by so many people, Anna walked over with a complacent smile and interrupted her...

"Really? Has he come yet? Where is he? I didn't see." Era pretended to be enlightened.

"You..." The look on Anna's face changed a little, but then she put on a fake smile and said, "Jacob, we want to have a private talk. Please wait for a moment."

As soon as she finished her words, she grabbed Era's hand and dragged her aside again.

"Era, do you want to die?" Anna lowered her voice and threatened, "don't forget that I'm still holding your life."

"Then what do you want? Let me disguise as a mute?" She really didn't like the feeling of being choked. It was so suffocating!

"Don't play dumb with me! Anna rolled her eyes at her impatiently. "Brooks is here. The plan is cancelled. Besides, if you dare to tell this to Brooks, you'll be screwed!"

"Haha..." Era cast a scornful glance at the other side. Every time she was so arrogant and forceful, it was really difficult for her to change her nature completely! She's really had enough!

"Anna, don't you think that you want too much in exchange for a chip?" She asked word by word, gritting her teeth.

"I have no other choice. The chips in my hands have this qualification." Anna played with her curly hair and gave a scornful smile. "You know, I have never failed in getting anything I want, including Brooks, haven't I?"

"You are wrong." Era sneered, "I promised you as a bargaining chip. If you go too far, I won't spare you!" She didn't believe that Anna could pry into her inner desire for her baby, so she didn't want to be controlled by her.

wasn't me who pushed her into the water."

Her cold and resolute tone surprised Brooks. He hurt her again?

Noticing his hesitation, Anna said quickly. "Brooks, don't believe her words. Everybody can see that she and I were the only ones standing there. She didn't push me. Did I jump from it myself?"

"Yes. Only the two of them stood by the pool." One of the boys nodded and confirmed.

"Yes, she did something wrong, but she still defended herself. I didn't expect her to be such a woman!"

After a long while, she fell into another wave of accusations and could no longer contain her anger.

When Jacob looked at her, he could feel that she was trembling slightly with a touch of coldness in her eyes. "Haha..." He suddenly sneered in a low voice.

"Why... Why are you laughing?" That evil smile made Anna feel guilty.

"I'm laughing at someone is so stupid that just follow the crowd. How could Era push you into the pool if you were standing outside?"

"Oh, yeah." Someone suddenly realized.

"I... I said something wrong. She pulled me into the pool."

"Pull you into the water? You are taller and heavier than her, but you fell into the water. Why didn't I know my woman is so agile?" His voice was cold and indifferent, and his eyes were just fixed on Era, but his words were full of unquestionable authority.

This was the difference between people! Era was deeply impressed.

The boys and girls began to whisper again, but this time, they looked at Anna.

"Trust me, Brooks. It's not what they said." Said Anna, holding onto the life-saving straw.

"Go get changed clothes first. We'll talk about it when we come back." He said in a low voice, patting on her back to comfort her.

"Why don't you believe me? " Since she joined Xu family, she had never been so coward like today.

Anna swept her eyes over the crowd, stomped her feet and left at once.

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