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   Chapter 76 No Other Choice (Part One)

Fair-haired Boy By Ai Xiaomo Characters: 7157

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"Well... But..." Era is helpless. How can she decide his business?

"You have to do what I say!" After saying that, Anna turned off her phone.

Noticing that she didn't look well, Jacob wrapped his arms around her slender waist and asked, "who is it?"

Era smiled and said in a coquettish voice. Since then, every morning when she opened her eyes, she had told herself to have an underground girlfriend.

"It's Anna. She asked us to go to her birthday party." If only she could be delicate, shy and hypocritical so that Jacob could immediately lose her appetite and let her go!

He held her face with his big hand and examined it, but he didn't say anything. The hickey was so obvious. Did she think he couldn't see it?

He was more interested in her disguise than in her present appearance. No, he knew the answer was definitely not that simple!

"Let's go..." She shook his arm with coquetry.

"Do you really want to go there?" His eyes were so sharp and cold that he seemed to be able to see through Era.

"Yes." She nodded and lowered her eyes.


"Well... Show off. You'll be with me. Don't you know how envious they are?"

"Okay." He gently stroked her hair. Even though he had a vague feeling that she was harboring malicious intentions, he still promised her. Joan was coming soon. As a reward, he would take good care of her these days.

In the evening, they arrived at the Qi family's villa on time.

When they stopped the car, the splendid yard was ablaze with lights. From a distance, they could see men and women in full bloom talking and laughing in the yard.

Era got out of the car and dazed for a while. This villa belonged to Qi family, and it was not unfamiliar to her.

Jacob approached her and held her waist with one arm. The temperature of his hand was burning her skin. She looked up at him and found that he was also smiling at her. His black eyes were shining like the stars in the sky.

While driving away the sadness of Era with no reason, she felt like a young girl who had just reached her puberty. Her face turned red and her heart beat rapidly.

Damn it! It was not the fir

eart, 'if you make up with me, my plan today will be in vain again.' Although she was unhappy, Anna didn't show it on her face. "Come on, Brooks. I'll introduce my friends to you." She held him and walked to the crowd and introduced, "this is my boyfriend, the former general manager of Qi Group, and now the new star in politics in C City, Brooks Qi."

"Brooks Qi? Mike Qi, the CEO of Qi Group is your..."

"He is my father." Brooks answered with a smile, his eyes still sweeping over the position of Era. But when he saw that Jacob held her in his arms, he felt a little dejected.

"Wow! I've heard a lot about you!" He is a distinguished boyfriend!

Immediately someone envies, looks good, has family background, has ability... Those debutantes and small business owners all came forward to greet him.

Qi Group is a leading enterprise in the country. It is good for them to make friends with such a person. While the women thought more...

"Although Anna almost has a bad temperament, she is able to hook up with a rich family like Qi family." Whispered someone behind...

In a moment, both Era and Jacob were ignored.

In contrast to Brooks, Jacob doesn't seem to have any identity.

Jacob perceived that as soon as the man entered the room, Era held his arm intimately, but her body was a little stiff. This woman still couldn't let him go! He frowned and pinched hard on her slender waist as a warning.

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