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   Chapter 75 Do You Want Me To Stay (Part Two)

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Her baby was as strong as her. She was filled with happiness.

She closed the door, threw her bag on the sofa, and shook off her high heels. Then she walked around the room barefoot.


As soon as she entered the bedroom, she was so scared that her heart almost jumped out of her chest. She gasped subconsciously, and when she saw the man clearly, she was stunned, covering her lips with her hands. Shock was written all over her beautiful eyes.

The man in bed is not someone else. He just left angrily. It was Jacob!

The wall lamps in the bedroom were giving off dim light. The windows were open, and the light purple curtains were gently blew by the wind. Outside the window was the cherry trees, which were blooming beautifully. As the wind blew in, the fragrance of the roses was brought, and petals were falling all over the house.

Everything seemed quiet and fantastic.

There was a bed covered with light purple sheets. Jacob was so tall that he fell asleep quietly. The bed seemed to have become small.

He rested his head on her pillow, and his furrowed brows smoothed. She could see the tiredness on his face.

Era's heartbeat sped up inexplicably, and the shock on her face gradually turned into confusion and curiosity. Why did this man come back to her apartment so quickly? And——how did he come in? She had told him she wanted to be alone.

Damned man! He even didn't allow her to have this freedom. Who did he think he was! !

She felt a little dissatisfaction in her chest. She strode forward, grabbed the pillow next to her and raised it high. How she wanted to smash him to wake up!

However, she put her hand down slowly.

She stared at the man in bed subconsciously——he seemed really tired.

Her deep dark eyes were closed by his eyelashes. At this moment, she discovered that the man's eyelashes were really beautiful, long and exquisite. Under the strong nose, the thin lips are slightly pursed. He was as sweet as a newborn baby, shining brightly like a diamond.

The expensive coat was thrown aside by him. Lying on the bed, he wore a customized black shirt. A few buttons were unbuttoned on his chest, and his strong breast was partly hidden and partly visible, and his breaths were even. From the first sight, she could see that he had slept well.

Jacob now reminded her of the night when Mrs. Ye made an appointment with her...

The sleeping Jacob was so pure and beautiful like an angel.

Sighing, Era put the pillow aside. Although she wanted to ask him why he had come back, she didn't have the heart to wake him up at this moment.

For some strange reason, Era sat beside him and fixed her clear eyes on his face.

He frowned as he thought of something he might have dream

tated by her grace and chastity.

The one who should stand there should be her! She gritted her teeth in anger, and at that moment, she swore secretly that she would take back everything that belonged to her!

Toys, clothes, room... Then plunder became a habit. As long as it was Era's things, Anna couldn't help but want to grab them, for example, Brooks and Jacob...

At the next moment, Anna took up her phone and dialed the number of Era.

"Listen to the cry of the sea, sigh who has been hurt, but not awake..." The quiet and melodious sound of the song disturbed the pure dream of the man and woman in the bed. Era was too tired to wake up. Jacob opened his sleepy eyes and took the phone at the bedside. He frowned at the interruption of someone. It was almost not on the impatient tone.

A moment later, the phone rang again. He took the phone and was about to turn off the battery, but seeing that Era woke up slowly, she stretched herself and grabbed his arm, saying, "give it to me."

As soon as she put the phone over her ear, she heard a lion roaring from the inside. "Era! How dare you hang up!"

"No, I didn't." She glanced at Jacob, who was squinting at her. Her sleepiness was totally scared away.

"Just now. Don't try to deny it."

"Uh... I'm sleepy. I pressed the wrong key." Era glanced at Jacob guiltily. She didn't want Anna to know that they slept together. She was afraid that her anger would be stimulated.

"Sleepy? You..." Anna bombarded her with a bunch of angry roars again. Frowning, Era shifted her phone away. It was not until she was tired of roaring that she closed her mouth that she put her cellphone near her ear again.

"Let me tell you, Era. Our business is not over yet. I'll hold my birthday party in Brooks's villa tonight. You must bring Jacob to the party. Got it?"

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