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   Chapter 73 Rescue

Fair-haired Boy By Ai Xiaomo Characters: 10182

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"Damn it!" After Anna drank the rest of the wine in her glass, she stood up and wrapped herself with the bath towel.


"I'm Era. We are stuck in the elevator. Call someone to save us right now."

A string of rapid words came from the other end of the phone. When Anna wanted to ask about it, the phone had already been hung up. When she called her again, it was——

"Sorry, the number you dialed is not at the service area."

"What's that woman doing?" She put down the phone and picked it up again. She was stuck in the elevator. Maybe, the elevator has broken down! She hurriedly found the customer service number of the hotel and called.

After saying that, she felt it was not proper, so she immediately put on her clothes and rushed out.

But the maintenance personnel of the hotel just kept on telling her——

"We are trying our best to recover."

"Your friend is safe in the elevator. Don't worry."

"Tell me, how long does it take to recover?" Roared Anna! She didn't care whether they were in danger. It was her who was in danger now. In order to give Jacob a wonderful experience to recollect the love of his life, she had added potion into her wine just now.

"Probably... Probably two hours."

Two hours later, she would be burned to death! Blamed! 'Era, you must have done it on purpose.' She decided to teach her a lesson when she came out.

At the same time, there was silence in the elevator.

Seeing that Era finished her phone call in a hurry, Jacob didn't say anything.

After a moment of silence, he took her into his arms.

When his skin touched her, he felt sexually aroused.

Damn! He frowned and released Era, trying to suppress the abnormality of his body.

He cast a sharp and cold glance at Era and thought, how dare this stupid woman drug him! Wasn't she satisfied with his performance?

When Era heard his breathing becoming heavier and heavier, she was very nervous and didn't dare look back at a corner.

Damn it! Her body was too weak to bear it!

"Come here, woman!" His deep voice was terrifying.

Era twisted her fingers and pretended not to hear that.

"Don't test my patience!"

"I didn't hear, I didn't hear..." Era was hypnotizing herself desperately.

"You deserve it!" Jacob held on to her shoulders with his cold big hands.

"Let me go. It hurts!" Era tried hard to push the mad man away, but failed.

"Isn't that what you want?"

Era frowned. His action was too much for her. The stubble on the man's chin almost scratched her skin. If I let him continue... A cold shiver ran down Era's spine——

"Let me go..."

"No way!" At this moment, he was eager to swallow her!

He was as strong as a bull, and she could not resist him at all! Oh my God, who is to save her? While Era was lamenting, she heard——

"Is there anyone in there?" Someone asked outside the elevator.

"Yes, yes!" Patting on Jacob who was about to lose his mind, Era quickly replied. "Sir, hurry up, please save us out."

"Okay, miss. You don't have to be panic. Our sta

her control.

"Stop crying." Seeing that she had been wronged, a touch of pity flashed through Jacob's cold eyes. He then bowed his head and lightly kissed her cheek which was full of tears.

She raised her head and moved her lips, trying to say something... At this moment, the lights in the elevator turned on. Everything returned to normal.

Jacob raised his hand to smooth her hemline and button her shirt one by one. Then he lifted her up.

The door of the elevator opened slowly. "I want to go home," said Era in a low voice. So she nestled in his arms silently.

After finding that the car turned into the road in the suburb, she added, "I want to go back to my apartment."

Then there was dead silence——

Silently getting off the car, silently opened the door and silently walked into the bathroom.

She looked desperate and helpless! Jacob stared coldly at the bathroom's door. There was a flicker of pity in his cold eyes, but soon he was very displeased. Blamed! It was she who drugged him first, why did he feel guilty!

In the bathroom, Era stood still, letting the water wash her body. She was really frightened. She was boiling with rage and could not refuse. The pain in her belly almost made her into despair...

Clatter... She suddenly remembered something. Her eyes focused and she looked down at the clear water on her feet. 'No... No bloodstains. Does this mean there is still hope? The doctor just said try not to have sex at the beginning of pregnancy, especially intense exercise. Perhaps it didn't mean that I would lose my baby if I had sex with him.

Thinking of this, she quickly grabbed a bath towel to dry her body and quickly put on her clothes.

Maybe God was not so cruel to her. The child might be fine, and she must keep it. She should have gone to see a doctor! She was so stupid!

Era rushed out of the bathroom to take her bag, but found something wrong at the door. When she looked back, she was stunned and saw that Jacob was looking at her with ice cold eyes... …

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