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   Chapter 66 Game (Part Two)

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She was worried to death just now!

She knew, as an aloof man, it was not easy to get a little change, so she thanked him...

After kissing her, she didn't wait for his response and hastily took a step back.

Jacob's tall body stiffened for a moment, and the fragrance of his cheeks filled the tip of his nose. At the moment when she withdrew, he wore a faint smile in his thin lips. Just now, at the moment of seeing her and Brooks sitting in the coffee shop, he even had the impulse to blow up the coffee shop. But his anger was easily appeased by a kiss. Even he didn't understand how he became so contented. Maybe it's because he's in a good mood today, he explained to himself.

"Do you really want to thank me?" Then he raised his eyebrows and looked at Era with mockery in his eyes.

"Yes..." In the sunlight, the evil and attractive appearance of the young man winked slightly.

"Then you can invite me to dinner."

"Uh..." Is he kidding? Era opened his mouth in astonishment.

"Well, are you unwilling?"

"No... I didn't bring much money." The money she brought was only enough for them to eat at some roadside stands.

"Well, it's on you. I'll pay!"

Oh, my God! Is... Is he really Jacob? Era was shocked this time!

It was still early, so they wandered for a while. All of a sudden, Allie called Era. She asked her to go to the Deep Sea Bar and held a celebration party for her.

Era looked at Jacob with hesitation. Allie smiled and asked, "are you with him? Let him come together. Okay, that's it. Come on! We'll wait for you!" She then hung up the phone.

"Hey... "Era stared at the phone speechlessly. Since when did Allie become so impatient?

"Well..." Era looked at Jacob, he was driving carefully, "my classmate asked me to go to the Deep Sea Bar. Is that okay?" Although he was in a good mood today, she thought it better to be euphemistic.

"You want to go?" He turned his head and glanced at her.

"Yeah, Allie is my best friend."

He didn't say anything else, but a trace of displeasure appeared between his eyebrows. Era only saw his grim profile.

"Only by entering her world can we guess what she is thinking about..."

Jay's voice suddenly rang in her ears. At the fork road, Jacob turned around quietly.

'It seems that I have to disappoint Allie's expectation. How to tell Allie? She looked out of the window and saw the car take a turn. What? They were heading to the Deep Sea Bar.

This man was really in a good mood today! Whatever. She didn't force him anyway.

However, to her surprise, when they arrived at the bar gate, he also got off the car.

"Hey, you..." Was he going with her? She didn't think he would be int

, every time when she glanced at Jacob intentionally, she saw that he paid all his attention on Era but turned a blind eye to her. In this case, Anna was so angry that she almost crumbed the wine glass in her hand.

Unwilling to be left out like this, she suggested on a whim, "it's so boring! Let's play a game! Truth or dare!"

"Great!" Jasper Han, Selina Qiu and Amy You echoed excitedly.

Allie winked, "okay. I played it before. It was interesting."

It was her party, she would not let the crowd down. "Enjoy yourself. I'll be right here."

Now there were only two handsome men, Brooks and Jacob, who didn't express their opinions. What's the fun of them not participating in the game!

"Brooks..." Anna said as she swung Brooks's arm.

Brooks looked at Era, nodded and sighed dotingly. "Okay, but don't too excessive!"

"Angie..." All the girls, such as Selina Qiu, Amy You and Allie, were looking at Era. Although they were all attracted by Jacob's "beauty", they were a little afraid of his coldness.

Era was on the cusp of the storm.

Besides, whether Jacob takes part in the game or not is not only about everyone's interest in playing the game, but also about Era's face.

At the moment, Anna was looking at her complacently, as if she was saying that she had easily defeated Brooks, and that she would like to see if Era had the ability to deal with Jacob.

To make that iceberg man to play such a hot game?! Era could do nothing but pray, 'God bless me!'

But she couldn't give up without trying. She put her head against his chest and whispered in his ear, "Jacob, please."

"I prefer fairness."

"Well, I can make a deal with you."

When Jacob heard her, he tilted his head and kissed her cheek. His warm breath gently brushed against her face...

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