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   Chapter 62 Fear From Her Or Him (Part Two)

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"Era Ling, I didn't expect you to be so shameless. Being insulted harshly, Anna approached Era step by step. Her words sounded aggressive.

She didn't think she was hiding here, and they could find it. Era smiled bitterly in her heart. She glanced at the two girls who were well-dressed. She knew them. They were in the next class. It was said that they made friends with Anna.

"What do you want to do? I'm sorry. I have no time." After saying that coldly, Era focused her eyes on her book again.

"Stop your hypocrisy! You disgust me!" Anna threw the book away and looked down at her contemptuously. "Didn't the man you hook up with have arranged everything for you? Why are you still pretending to be very hardworking? Are you kidding me?" As soon as she finished saying that, she took a glance at the documents piling up on her desk, making the thick papers fly in the air like snowflakes.

"Anna! I don't know what you are talking about? I don't want to know. Now, please go out!" Era frowned and regretted interceding with Jacob for her. She wondered why she hated her. 'She robbed me. I should hate her if I want to', Era thought.

"Ha ha, I will leave, but only after covering your mouth." Said Anna with a gloomy smile.

Era suddenly became vigilant. "What do you want?"

"What am I doing? You'll know it soon." She took a rope out of her bag and said to the girls beside her, "you, catch her."

"Anna, you can't do that." Era shocked and hurriedly backed off. She knew that Anna could do anything, and pleading wouldn't work on her.

She pinned her hope on those two girls.

"Don't listen to her. It's illegal... There was no conflict between us..."

"Illegal? Hahaha... We are so scared..."

"Who says we haven't had a grudge? We hate such a hypocritical elite student like you the most all our lives!"

As they spoke, they had already tightly grasped Era's arms, and the grin on their faces was as ferocious as Anna.

They were the same sort of people as Anna, so they didn't care about that...

In this way, Anna tied up Era's hands and feet, and took out a wide tape to cover her mouth.

"You just stay here. I'll get you out when it's dark. As long as the school announce that you give up the examination, I'll let you out."

After saying that, the three of them walked out of the house. With a click, the door was locked from the outside.

He looked for the key in her hand and said to Era, "have a reflection in it."

"Uh... Uh..." Era struggled.

However, the three had already gone.

Looking at the cloudy sky outside the window, Era cursed, it seems to rain again today. Recently, how could she be so unlucky and things were not going well? Had she already stepped into the lowe

"Even if... "For our baby, please stop killing, okay?" Era's gentle and cold eyes softened. However, she only to say these words in her heart——

"I owe you one more time. Can you let them go?"

Her lips were almost bitten by the teeth, and her voice was softer and softer, "Jacob..."

Her soft voice was like the spring dew which was dripping on Jacob's heart, and the coldness in his eyes gradually faded away. He wore a kind of tenderness that he didn't even realize, and even his thin lips were now full of tenderness.

"Do you really want to let them go?" Jacob sighed and asked in a low voice.

He found that no matter how angry he was in front of Era, all his anger would disappear in her eyes which were full of excitement.

Era cast a glance at those two men and nodded.

Jacob lowered his eyes and thought for a while. Then he said, "Okay, I promise you. But they have to be punished, even if the death penalty can be avoided!"

Era stared at Jacob without blinking, feeling strange. She didn't know whether she should be happy or worried for them. But she didn't have time to think about that anymore. Jacob leaned down and untied her. She was upset by his familiar and pleasant smell...

The two men were tied up and shut up. Jacob put his arm around her trembling shoulder and walked outside, locking the heavy door with a lock. Tomorrow, he would have these two scumbags sold to Africa for hard work!

As for the woman behind the scenes, he had promised her that he would never interfere in it again... However, he looked at Era coldly. Would she still insist on her damned kindness this time?

In a twinkling, the rain continued to pour and both of them ran out of the campus hand in hand. The school gate was closed.

He looked back and smiled at her. "Can you climb over the wall?"

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