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   Chapter 60 The Disturbance Of Elton (Part Two)

Fair-haired Boy By Ai Xiaomo Characters: 7442

Updated: 2020-03-14 00:22

In Allie's eyes, Angie was an angel. What they said was definitely a false accusation!

"What are you doing here? All of you, go to class!" She wore her hair in a bun. The director in glasses showed up. The students immediately dispersed, leaving behind disheveled Era and Allie.

"Angie, you, come with me to the office!" She raised her hand and pointed at Era, saying coldly. She disliked this girl for a long time. The girl didn't listen to her when she thought she had won the first place in the exam. She had long said that she was too arrogant! Now, there must be something wrong.

Following her silently, Era walked towards the office.

They didn't notice that a tall man was staring coldly at them from the huge glass window on the second floor.

Is this the end of kindness and mercy? Jacob sneered. He knew that it could only make people become weak, so he discarded them early.

However, when such a thing appeared on his shadow, he had to pay attention to it.

That woman must have realized how dark and cruel this world is now.

"Jacob, if you want to see Era, leave her in the villa. Why do you have to come here?" Jay pushed the door open and approached the window. When he saw the slender figure downstairs, he couldn't help teasing him. "Although our Imperial Group is a shareholder of Elton, it's not convenient for us to come here However... It seems that your efforts are not in vain."

"Efforts?" Jacob raised his eyebrows with great interest and looked at Jay seriously. "What did I do to her? You can tell me about it. After I hear it, I'll consider giving you a reward."

"Uh..." Jay's nerves were numb by Jacob's insidious tone. He regretted saying something wrong. Before he fell out with him, Jay compromised tactfully, "I am not as fast as you. I surrender."

Jacob glanced coldly at Jay, and averted Jay's eyes with a snort of displeasure, "how courteous are you now?"

"It seems that it's not good to have self-knowledge." Jay stretched lazily and protested, "it's hard to serve you. No wonder that when my sworn sister saw you, she... well! I know I was wrong. I haven't been happy for three days. I really need to have a rest today. Please don't do anything to my face. It's fo

. Well, well, since you are not ashamed, I will not cover it up for you. Don't think we don't know why you were taken away by the police. When you were young, you did such dirty things, even hurt people for money! Other than that..." While saying, she threw a pair of documents in front of Era. "Look at these materials. You're not called Angie at all. Your real name should be Era Xu. You graduated from No.5 Middle School in C City, and your academic performance has always been ordinary and you can barely keep a passing grade. How could you pass the examination with the first place?"

After a series of reproach, she pointed at Anna, who was clever and polite. "You must also know Anna. She and your classmates know a lot about you. Today, as your classmate, she wasn't afraid of offending people, so she stood out with her own conscience and charged at your falsehood and deception. The moral quality of her is much better than yours. Only such students are the pride of Elton, and what you have done can only embarrass Elton!"

The reversal of right and wrong made Era angry, she clenched her fists and suppressed her anger.

"Director, I object." She took a deep breath before she spoke. She even deliberately slowed down her speed to make her voice sound calm and confident.

"First of all, I didn't do dirty things and hurt someone for money. The police are just investigating, otherwise I won't stand in front of you. Please don't jump to conclusion! The second..."

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