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   Chapter 59 The Disturbance Of Elton (Part One)

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"I can't take the risk, not at all..." Era shook her head and misted her beautiful eyes. She suddenly said in a sad and low voice, "Mr. Lin, do you know how miserable it is to live alone in this world..."

Hearing this, Jay's black eyes flashed a trace of excitement. How could he not know the misery of living alone and helpless in the world. He had been wandering alone until he was 15 years old...

The secret he had hidden for a long time was now triggered. He misunderstood her!

He couldn't help having more compassion for Era, which reminded him of his little sister who had been missing since childhood. At that time, she was only three years old, and now she was almost the same as Era. She should have become a beautiful girl.

Well, he sighed. In fact, he had a special feeling for her when he first saw her. She was more like a lovely little sister than a woman. "If... If you call me brother, I might really forget that you are pregnant."

"Brother..." Era was so smart that she could open her mouth as soon as he finished his words.

"Hehe, get up. It's cold on the ground. You are pregnant now. You should take care of yourself. You haven't had dinner yet. I'll have someone prepare the dinner and you must eat more."

"Thank you, brother." Era nodded. Jay's tone was gentle with the warmth of the family. Unconsciously, her cold heart seemed to be filled with a warm current...

The moonlight quietly poured like the flowing water with the deep starry stars on the surface of the swimming pool. The blue waves reflected clear ripples.

By the side of the huge pool, Jacob sipped the wine and lazily leaned his strong body against the back of the chair. There was no warmth in his dark eyes.

Jay slowly approached and sat in a rocking chair beside him, looking at the starry sky.

"She has had dinner and went to bed."

Without uttering any words, Jacob just glanced at him coldly. His slender fingers shook the crystal cup. The red wine in the glass was as red as the blood of a woman.

"She reminded me of my long lost sister, and I couldn't help but adopt her as my sworn sister."

Jacob stared at Jay with his sharp eyes, and his body was shrouded in chilling coldness.

Jay continued as if he didn't feel it. "So, be nice to her from now on. She is poor, lonely and helpless..."

All of a sudden, Jacob narrowed his eyes and drank up the wine in his glass. Then he waved his hand, raised the goblet and drank up the wine in it——

Slap! The crystal clear glass was smashed into pieces by a powerful force. Her silvery and sharp voice echoed around the swimming pool.

"Jay, you really can't change your tender nature for women." He gets angry at the thought of her around Jay,

ut of Elton! Get out of Elton!"

As soon as Era entered the gate of the school, their eyes were filled with disdain and their voice full of sarcasm...

No wonder when she went out, Jay stared at her strangely and asked, "are you sure you want to go to school on your own? You are still very weak. I think you'd better stay at home to have a rest."

He is a good man. He must have guessed what she would suffer if the news of her engagement got out. And that was why he tried to stop her. In contrast to his kindness, Jacob was still as cold as ice. He didn't even look at her at breakfast.

This was also the reason why she insisted on coming to Elton. Since he didn't want to see her, she would stay far away from him and let him have a good time!

However, she didn't expect that her classmates would treat her in this way——so many people didn't believe her and even took pleasure in her misfortune.

When Era was in a daze, a thin figure ran over to her. It was Allie. She stood in front of Era and said, "don't talk nonsense. Angie is not the kind of person you're talking about!" But her voice trailed off in the uproar.

Rotten vegetables and eggs flew over. She turned around and hugged Era, crying.

"It's okay, Allie. You can go to class now." Era pushed her away. She appreciated her kindness, but she didn't want to get her into trouble.

"No, Angie. I will accompany you." Cowardly and scared, she was in a total mess on the third day of new school, teased by several boys.

Everyone was laughing at and cheering at her. But only Angie came over, pulled out a handkerchief and wiped the stains off her face. She was told that in this world, if you were not brave and strong enough, no one would take the initiative to pity you. You could only make yourself a laughing stock of others...

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