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   Chapter 58 Fragility (Part Three)

Fair-haired Boy By Ai Xiaomo Characters: 7169

Updated: 2020-03-14 00:02

"You want to escape?"

He smirked, but deliberately clung to her waist with his big palm. "You've learned to negotiate with me, right? Don't forget that you belong to me. It's natural to make me happy!"

"No! No! That's what you forced me to do..." Era shook her head desperately. Now the only thing in her mind was run. She wanted to run away from this man. Even if she was sent to prison or died!

"Force you? Don't forget who started it first? I'll take control of everything about you! Otherwise, you will have no choice but to die!" He put on a cold smile, and his evil eyes sparkled.

However, Era wasn't scared at all in her eyes now. In the past few days, a chain of bad things had exhausted her, and she had almost collapsed...

She smiled coldly with desperation in her eyes. "Well, then kill me, and we're done!"

"You..." Outraged, Jacob suddenly reached out and grabbed her neck.

Era raised her face and closed her eyes without fear, waiting for him to throttle her.

The air froze immediately.

He'd better strangle her to death, so that she would be relieved.

Suddenly, he pulled her down!


Guru! Era was dragged into the cold pond. Her hair was still on the surface of the water, while her head was buried in the water. The air was suddenly drained. The pond water was poured in again, and a sense of suffocation pressed her heart!

Her eyes were filled with cold water. She didn't know whether it was the water in the pond or her tears... If she died, no one would cry for her...

The feeling of sadness surged up, and her throat was even more blocked. The sense of suffocation gradually approached, and it was about to push her into the dark abyss...

But he pulled her out of the water.

"Era, you have the only chance.

After he finished speaking, she closed her eyes and smiled coldly and bleakly.

Did she really want to die? With his cold eyebrows knitted, his hands grasped her neck tightly...

Soon her face turned blue. She just closed her eyes and didn't struggle at all.

Her face appeared in his mind. What kind of despair made her so afraid of death before, and now she

out to pull her up.

"No, I won't get up if you don't agree!"

Era begged, raising her head.

She could see that the relationship between Jay and Jacob was not simple. But she was just an unexpected intruder for Jay, and she was not much better than the passerby. She couldn't ask him to keep the secret for her. However, she had to give it a try for the sake of the baby in her womb.

She could almost be sure that if Jacob knew that she was pregnant, he's going to let her have an abortion or imprison her. She couldn't accept either kind of result.

She had lost too much. If she lost the baby in her womb, there's really nothing in the world that she can miss.

"Please stand up. I can't promise you that. Anyway, Jacob is the father of the child, and he should know it." Jay's tone became cold. Was he wrong? Was this girl not as simple as he thought. Did she want to stealthily give birth to the baby to threaten Jacob? Then she must have mistaken her goal. There was no one in the world who could threaten Jacob.

Being keenly aware of his suspicions, Era hastily explained, "Mr. Lin, don't worry. I never thought of relying on my child to marry into a rich and powerful family. I just want to keep my baby. He is the only family I have in the world. I can't lose him."

"Even if I tell Jacob, you won't lose your child." As Jacob's personality, this is not possible, so Jay said that without confidence...

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