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   Chapter 57 Fragility (Part Two)

Fair-haired Boy By Ai Xiaomo Characters: 3316

Updated: 2020-03-13 00:22

"Please don't... " Era shook her head and said with determination.

It's really beautiful, but it's spacious. The light was so bright that everyone in the villa could see it. It was humiliating to do it in such an environment!

Jacob frowned, with displeasure in his eyes. "Era, have you forgotten what you just said?"

He did not know what she was thinking, so he did not allow her to decline again. Women were so fickle, and she was no different! As soon as he raised his hand.

"Jacob, release me!" Era's mind went blank all of a sudden. She kicked him hard with her slender legs. Since she had endured it in return for humiliation, she didn't need to endure it anymore!

Finally, Jacob left her temporarily.

Shocked and terrified, Era stared at him. The only thought in her mind was to run away!

However, it was even more difficult to escape from Jacob.

As soon as she got up, he grabbed her hand. Jacob reached out his arms and hugged her.

"Let me go! I don't want to.

ing on the shore was. Her delicate body was partly hidden and partly visible, attracting his dark eyes.

Her eyes softened his determination for a moment. But the dull pain in his arm made him squint his cold eyes in danger.

How could he be merciful!

The little wild cat's sharp claws had not been removed, and it showing its little sharp teeth to him.

He liked her wildness, but it didn't mean that he could be attacked by her! This made him more interested in punishing her, taming her, but would never sympathize with her, pitying her!

"I didn't think you liked being in the water." He smiled evilly and jumped into the water the next moment.

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