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   Chapter 56 Fragility (Part One)

Fair-haired Boy By Ai Xiaomo Characters: 4776

Updated: 2020-03-13 00:12

"You can go now." Seeing that Era came in a hurry, Jacob said coldly to Jay. Jay didn't say anything, but gave an unfathomable glance at Era, and then left.

His tall and strong body sat leisurely on the bamboo chair by the side of the swimming pool. Jacob picked up the crystal cup and gently shook the red wine in it. His eagle eyes had already fallen on her, emitting a cold aura.

Era felt his gaze was like a sharp sword piercing through her heart, and she could not help but froze.

"Come here."

Jacob noticed a hint of astonishment in her eyes and said in a low voice, which was full of coldness and dignity as usual.

The emotionless smile on his lips was reflected in her beautiful eyes. She felt that the blood in her body was slowly flowing back. At least she felt that her fingertips were cold.

Jacob stared at her with great patience, swirling the wine glass leisurely and taking a sip, he was confident and unruly.

Instead of urging her, he waited patiently. Like a hunter tasting her panic.

As if seeing a trace of mockery across his lips, Era took a deep breath and slowly approached him. The cold air emitting from him was closer to her, and gradually she was wrapped in this air.

"I..." As soon as she said that, she felt dizzy. In a blink of an eye, she was confined to his laps.

"You've got guts! How dare you resist? Huh?" He whispered in her ears.

"I'm sorry." Era's eyes were full

The next moment, he shackled her hands with a single big hand, firmly fixing it on her head.

The other hand slowly moved down along her cheek, with the domineering power of a man...

The glass slipped from her hand, and her breath became rapid!

How could he do this?

"No, don't do that..."

Era turned around and tried to get rid of him.

The passionate stirring made the air surrounding warm gradually.

Era's heart softened a little. Though she did it with great care, she stiffened Jacob's body. His cold eyes lost usual calmness.

Era suddenly opened her eyes and came to her senses.

My God! What was he doing?

If he was really here, then what was all her patience?!

"Jacob, please!" She gripped his big hand. Although her voice was very weak, it had a loving power.

"What's wrong? Don't you think it's beautiful here?" He touched her smooth forehead with his big hand, stroking her charming and delicate features...

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