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   Chapter 55 Nightmare (Part Three)

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"Don't worry. I will definitely satisfy you. You can imagine how wonderful it would be if a person suddenly fell from heaven to hell..."

"Haha..." Jacob smiled!

Era raised her head in surprise, and saw a good-looking smile on his face, but it didn't melt the coldness in his eyes.

Turning to look at Jay in front of her, she suddenly felt that although both of them had very different temperament, they were still cold and cruel.

In their conversation, there was nothing left in the air! She should have found that they were the same sort of people!

She was so stupid to believe that Jay had a crush on her! And stupidly cling to this elegant man! What a fool... Era sighed and looked out of the window.

The lady in his arms was unusually quiet, but Jacob didn't like it.

He raised his hand and hooked her little face, and his warm breath brushed her sensitive neck. "Do you regret it? Don't make... People die!"

Confusedly, Era winked at him and realized that he meant what she had just said.

But, do you regret it? She shook her head.

Sam was such an asshole! But in any case, she didn't want Jacob to kill someone for her!

This woman was so stupid! Jacob's voice was cold. "Don't you care that he's ruined you?"

"Of course I care! But his wickedness will surely be judged. Why should we dirty our hands?"

"Do you think you'll be judged fairly without our help? You're lying to yourself!"

"I didn't ask you to help!" Hearing what Jacob said, Era got angry. She raised her head, her eyes glowing. She said bravely, "do you think staying around you is any different from going to jail? What's the use of your help? You just locked me in another cage."

Eyebrows frowned, he grabbed her chin and asked, "you mean you'd rather be in jail than stay with me?"

"Yes." Era went all out, fearlessly looking into his cold eyes. A

couldn't hear what they were saying.

She only saw Jay glancing at her with sympathy. Then Jacob crooked his finger to beckon her.

What a jerk! He really treated her as a pet who was ready to come and go at any time! Frowning, Era still leaned against the sofa, motionless!

Then she saw that Jacob left the swimming pool and picked up his phone on the shore.

''Listen to the cry of the sea, who sighed and who hurt his heart.

Still in a coma...' Era was shocked by the mobile phone in Era's hand. She looked at the strange number with fear, and then looked at Jacob who was just making a phone call. Did... Did he call?

She clicked the answer key and said, "hello..."

"You have ten seconds to appear in front of me, or you won't be able to get out of bed tomorrow!" A cold and charming voice came into her ears.

Bang! The phone dropped to the ground.

Before she could pick up her phone, Era rushed out of the room to the swimming pool. She believed that the man would do anything, but what she feared most was to be imprisoned by him.

Obviously, he knew her weakness.

The gap between their strength was rather huge. If she struggled with him, she would end up with two endings, lose and lose very miserably...

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