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   Chapter 54 Nightmare (Part Two)

Fair-haired Boy By Ai Xiaomo Characters: 6978

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In the corridor, they walked past Anna who was late. Lowering Era's head subconsciously, Anna still recognized her.

'Era? Why was she here?' Perplexed, Anna walked into the classroom. The fat professor was pounding on the desk to keep the students quiet.

After finding an empty seat, Anna asked a girl beside her quietly, "what are you talking about?"



"Oh, I forgot you were new here. She is the first talented girl who entered the entrance exam of Elton. She has just been taken away by the police." The girl raised her eyebrows and smiled contemptuously.

Angie? 'Era, you bitch! You thought you changed your name and I didn't recognize you? The talented girl who was the first to take the examination to be Elton! Pooh! I knew well about herself.

The top position on the list was either bribery or fraud!

It was a good news. Era, you just wait to get out of Elton.'

Said Anna with a sinister smile.

Then she said in a surprising tone, "Angie, a talented girl? How is that possible? I know her. Her name is Era Ling. She is just an average minded person."

In the office of the police station, Sam sat on the chair with his head held high. He looked at Era coming in through the window.

"Yes, it's her." He stood up, glanced at the thin man next to him, and said, "Officer Liao, you must punish this shameless bitch seriously. In addition, I don't want too many people to know about this case. Do you understand what I mean?"

"Yes, Mr. Ye. Don't worry. I understand what you mean." The thin man nodded with a flattering smile.

"Okay. Contact my lawyer if you have any problem. It's not appropriate for me to deal with it in person. He will handle it for me."

Finishing his words, Sam looked at Era outside the door again and laughed arrogantly.

If he was in C City, he could just be a passerby. But he is a local bully in S City.

He thought, 'how dare you challenge me? You are looking for death.'

For no reason, Era was taken to the police station under the charge of intentional injury and robbery. She tried to explain

ad thought that the little girl was a solitary girl and had no one to depend on, so he was able to help the brother-in-law of the secretary general of the government. He didn't think of that her backer was Jay Lin, the CEO of the mysterious financial group in China Headquarter of the Imperial Group. He was a distinguished guest in S City and should not be offended. Now here came the first lawyer! Damn it! This time, he was going to raise a stone to hit his own foot.

Outside the police station, in a lengthened luxury commercial vehicle, Jacob was leaning against the back seat leisurely, tasting a glass of excellent red wine.

He glanced around and saw two men and a woman walking out of the police station. After only one day, he actually missed the little woman!

"Everything goes well." Jay opened the back door for Era and said to Jacob. At this moment, Clark Chen got on another car.

"Really?" Jacob snorted with dissatisfaction and said, "Jay, when did you become so inefficient?"

"Haha..." Jay raised his eyebrows and walked directly to his car. He opened the door and took the passenger seat. "Jacob, this is not a matter of efficiency, but art of action. Don't be in a hurry if you want to get things done beautifully without leaving any future trouble."

"Well, let's see how you will perform 'life is worse than death'." He stretched out his arms and held Era.

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