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   Chapter 48 Are You Happy Now

Fair-haired Boy By Ai Xiaomo Characters: 3280

Updated: 2020-03-10 00:22

She didn't want to face them, at least not now!

Era stood up suddenly and said to Allie sitting next to her, "I'm not feeling well. Please ask for a leave for me." Then she turned around and ran out of the classroom.

In the Deep Sea Bar.

In the noisy atmosphere, two outstanding men stood at the corner, quietly drinking the clear liquid in their glass, not affected by anything around them, as if they had blocked all the noise.

"Jacob, are you in such a hurry to come here just for drinking?" Jay Lin was silent for a while and asked in his heart.

He was a handsome man with deep and gentle eyes, which were covered with golden rimmed glasses. He was not as eye-catching as Jacob, but his gentle temperament was easily to attract women.

"What's wrong, Jay? You don't want to come here if I just drink?" Jacob held up the glass and said coldly. "You are such a busy man. Obviously, you are in the city. But you even let me ask you out twice."

"Well, you know I'm

ghts go on and off. An alluring look was shown on Era's face.

Her body shook with the dance, and she danced herself, danced passion and the wild nature of Venus. She stretched her arms and legs to express her loneliness in her heart...

She swore this was the last time she went crazy for Brooks! From now on, he had nothing to do with her!

After a long dancing, she felt better. She asked for a glass of wine and sat in a corner. At once, a man came to her side, "Miss, our meeting must be destiny."

Era turned her head and saw a round face. It was a big eggplant if it's purple. It was the wretched man in the Cachino Western Restaurant...

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