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   Chapter 46 Are You Still Angry

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Updated: 2020-03-10 00:02

"Shut up!" Finally, Jacob couldn't stand her anymore. He coldly glanced at her and said, "if you don't want to died, get on the car right now!"

"Okay..." Era pressed her lips and blinked her big eyes innocently, then got on the car as requested.

Then he threw a towel to her and demanded, "clean yourself." When she heard Jacob's voice above her head, her heart couldn't help but quiver.

Ah... She was so poor.

However, in Jacob's words, he asked, "where do you live?" Then he started the car.

"Well... 63 on Elton street." At this moment, Era thought of a saying, "Leniency to those who confess their crimes and severity to those who resist it."

The car went off like an arrow off the string. It was so fast that Era couldn't see the scenery along the road, but she didn't feel uncomfortable.

Sure enough, the quality of the car is excellent! But it seems that this is not the car we drove last time. This guy is really rich! As she was less likely to die, Era began to let her imagination run wild.

As soon as she opened the door of the apartment, her head hit a hard object. Before she could react, her body had been dragged in brutally, and her back was heavily thrown on the door.

Then the door was slammed shut with a "bang".

To her surprise, she found that he was holding her in his arms, and a cold aura made her shiver.

"You... Didn't you say that you wouldn't blame me?" Era stammered. But in her memory, he didn't say that clearly. But who cared? The most important thing right now was to deceive him and relax him. She didn't want him to kill her on impulse.

His handsome face was hidden in the dark. He said coldly, "your death has been postponed." After saying that, he gave her a ferocious kiss, which almost swallowed her, and stopped all her questions. Then he held her in his arms and went to the bed in the

lie Ying smiled mysteriously and approached her. "Did that man give it to you?" "Which one? "

"The one who came to see you yesterday."

"How could it be possible? Our relationship is not what you think." After she finished her words, she turned to look at the other side of the hill. Look! The flowers there are blooming! They're so beautiful! "

"Flowers? Where? Allie Ying looked in the direction of her finger and saw a piece of green. "Angie, don't change the subject!" She couldn't help but get mad. Every time it happened, she almost couldn't stand it.

However, she thought for a moment and came up with an idea. Era was trying to hide it.

"Haha..." She came closer to Era again with a smile. "He sent you such a precious thing, are you married?" When she finished her words, she even made a bow to Era, with a more meaningful smile on her face.

"Allie!" Seeing that she was getting more and more ridiculous, Era suddenly sat up and stared at her. "Don't spread the rest of your brain cells to a thousand times before you use them on me. I'll say it again. The relationship between that man and me is not what you think!"

It will only be more complicated than you think! Era couldn't help but sigh in her heart...

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