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   Chapter 44 The Thunder With Death

Fair-haired Boy By Ai Xiaomo Characters: 5674

Updated: 2020-03-09 00:12

At the moment, it began to rain. Seeing that, the T-shirt of Era drew the outline of her graceful figure. The ponytail was no longer refreshing. It snuggled up to her pink cheeks, revealing a pitiful beauty.

The rain turned into raindrops, crackling on their bodies, and quickly poured into the drowned rat.

"Let's go!" Jacob grabbed her and took her to the next classroom.

"For what?" While struggling, something terrible happened in the underground garage came to her mind. "No!" She tried to grab the door frame. She didn't want to go in with him. She didn't want to die here.

He forced her fingers apart rudely. "Go in!" Era sat prone on the desk.

Bang! He slammed the door. It rained more and more heavily outside. All was happening was shocking.

Era's heart trembled with nervousness. She watched the man walking towards her, trembling and slowly shrinking.

"Don't come here. This is the school. You... You can't do that!" Her voice was soft and trembling. It was more like a self comfort than a threat.

Huh... Ridiculous! What was she thinking about? Did she think he would kill her? Jacob couldn't help but smile in a playful way. His handsome face looked more beautiful with an incredible look.

Indeed, he wanted to kill her right away when he first heard that she escaped. However, when he came back to his senses, he kept telling himself not to lose his temper because of a woman.

He did not find her whereabouts in the past three days, and he began to be angry to kill her.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth sent a message: I heard that you scared away little cutie, didn't you? I don't care if you lose your pet or not. Why are you so angry?

How did she know that? I

"Ah... Jacob... I didn't mean to escape. I left you a letter. Didn't you see it?" Of course he couldn't see it, because she was afraid that he would discover her whereabouts too early, so she pressed the letter against the bottom drawer. But she left a message. He couldn't deny it. "Ah... What's more, the reason why I left is that the school is about to begin. I was finally admitted by this famous school. You can't bear to let me give up. I'm still young and I'm a flower of the motherland, although you've ruined me... Oh, no, you've already got it. But I'm still young and I don't want to die before I fully bloom..."

After the thunder paused for a while, Era began to move Jacob on purpose.

In the darkness, Jacob slightly raised his lips. He found that he was not really angry with the changeable woman. Instead, he was expecting her reaction. She could always surprise him and arouse his interest easily.

"Get up. Come to me."

He asked in a low and cold voice, as if... As if there was no murderous spirit. Era raised her head pitifully. By the lightning, she saw that there was nothing in his large hand...

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