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   Chapter 37 Auction Of Mother's Flower Love World

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Blinking her eyes, Era smiled and walked slowly into the exhibition center with the flow of people.

The charity auctioneer was opening. They only needed to get the invitation and ticket. The price of the admission ticket was high, but it was not a problem for Era who was trying to pay. Since it didn't have any right to other participants, many of them wore casual clothes. Naturally, Era didn't cause any other attention.

Era walked into the hall and studied the brochure of the auction items asked by the receptionist. She stared at the price tag first. Since she came in, she would choose the highest one.

The jade Ruyi donated by the boss of a financial group was of good quality and exquisite workmanship. They were at a low rate of six hundred thousand. Era nodded and made a decision. The final price was not less than one million and eight hundred thousand.

She turned a few pages later and found that the value of everything else was really low. However, when she turned to the last page, she was stunned, "Flower Love World!" She muttered as she looked at the set of jewelry on the photo.

It was actually a bracelet and necklace. Rose carved with agate, each rose has different shapes and exquisite workmanship. All of them were related by crystal, and looked pretty real.

This set of jewelry was a gift from her grandfather. When the Xu family had a crisis back then, her mother had to sell it off in order to help the Xu family get through the difficulties. Later when her mother had saved some money to redeem it, she only heard that the person who bought the jewelry had already gone abroad and no one had ever heard from the person.

Since then, "Flower Love World" had become mother's sore spot. When she was seriously ill, she didn't forget to remind Era to find it back, or she would be too ashamed to face her dead grandfather.

What a surprise! She had been looking for it for such a long time and it was a coincidence that she met it here.

At this moment, a young man in sunglasses was talking on the phone not far from Era. "Mr. Qi, the 'Flower Love World'

e wrist, with a hint of pleading in his black eyes. "I just need a few minutes."

Era looked back and their eyes met. Her heart was still shaken by those familiar black eyes. The sun was shining overhead, and sweat dripped from her cheeks...

Brooks quickly took out a pink umbrella from the car and gracefully held it for Era. His action was tender and skillful, like every time before.

"Get in the car, Era. Let's find a place. I really have something important to tell you."

"All right." Era sighed as he was gentle as usual.

The air conditioner was turned on. The wall was surrounded by marine shadows. The two chandeliers were still spinning. The old-fashioned love song rhythm filled every corner of the shop.

Blue Ocean Ice Shop. Era didn't expect that it was still here, not to mention that Brooks would take her here.

"Hey, you haven't been here for a long time." The proprietress said with a smile, delivering two bowls of ice.

"We'll come more often in the future." Brooks answered with a smile.

In the future? With Anna? Era looked at him coldly. "Tell me what happened. I'm in a hurry."

"Eat some ice cream first. The ice is going to melt soon." Brooks ignored her and pointed at the ice in front of her. "Mango flavor, your favorite."

"Brooks!" Era pounded on the table and stood up, "if you took me here just to eat ice, then I have to say I'm sorry..."

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