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   Chapter 34 Blocked Surfing (Part Three)

Fair-haired Boy By Ai Xiaomo Characters: 3562

Updated: 2020-03-06 00:02

In an instant, the stubborn shadow was gone. There's only one surfboard up and down in the waves... Without hesitation, Jacob jumped into the sea...

A big wave had thrown Era exhausted away from the surfing board. She closed her eyes and felt her body was heaving along with the waves. She was really tired. She didn't have any strength and didn't want to open her eyes.

'Just let her go with the flow. That's good, ' she thought...

"Era Ling..." Suddenly, the cold voice penetrated her brain and she opened her eyes. Are you all right, Era Ling! Your life is given by mom. How can you give up so easily.

At the thought of this, she lifted her arms and tried to pull the water out.

Help... When she was about to say something. Bang, another wave came and swept her delicate body deep into the sea...

She couldn't die... But her body is so heavy...

Unable to control her body and consciousness, Era got angry. She didn't want to die here! No!

Call her name! Now!

She had ever read in a book that although humans lost their consciousness when t

en abandoned by the world!

His steady steps were a little disturbed by the two words.

It was the first time that someone said this to him! Jacob didn't know how to describe the feeling in his heart, which was strange but not disgusting...

"Clean yourself." He put her in front of the bathroom, and his tone was not as cold as usual.

"Okay." Era nodded and pushed the door of the bathroom open. Then she turned back and said, "Uh... They... "

"They are preparing the lunch." In fact, he was never cruel to his brother.

"Oh, thank you." Era walked into the bathroom at ease. He was not as ruthless as he looked.

Jacob stared at the closed bathroom door with his cold eyes, lost in thought.

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