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   Chapter 31 She Is His Joy

Fair-haired Boy By Ai Xiaomo Characters: 6668

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"Humph, I will make those who cheated me regret doing such a stupid thing in their lives!" Jacob just ignored Elizabeth's words.

"Whatever," Elizabeth waved her hand casually. Then there was a loud boom in the sky. A helicopter suddenly flew over them and they saw the ladder put down. "Jacob, good-bye." Then, she climbed up to the soft ladder and instantly rose up. In the sky, she smiled coquettishly and threw many kisses to Jacob...

That is... Mrs. Ye?! Hearing the familiar voice, Era raised her head. She set Jacob up, but why did she show up here? 'What's the relationship between Jacob and she? Is she... His woman?

Although she looked a few years older than Jacob, she's full of femininity, which believed that no man could escape. Humph! That bully man has so many women!

"Come here, woman!" Jacob waved his hand towards Era who was in a daze.

Era turned her head. He stood straight in the sea wind, with a straight stature, a broad chest and a handsome face of mixed blood. He was cold and profound. His eyes were shining like a leopard, attracting her sight like a magnet...

"Come here!" Seeing that she was just staring at him, a hint of displeasure flashed through Jacob's eyes.

'You are so hateful. Do you treat me as a pet?' My stay and leave all depend on him. While she was complaining in her mind, she walked up to Jacob obediently.

"Do you want to go surfing?"

"What?" Era didn't expect that he would ask such a question. Her mind went blank for two seconds, and then she nodded desperately, "well..." Surfing! To be passionate and free in the sea was always what she longed for! But she just don't have a chance to learn it... Was he going to teach her?

"But, I don't know how to..." She said in a low voice and looked at Jacob with expectant eyes.

Looking at her lovely face, a hint of tease flashed through his icy eyes. Jacob asked, "do you want to learn it?"

"Yes, yes..." She nodded again.


"Yeah!" Before she cheers, she h

woman who had no consciousness!

When Jacob decided to go out and find the doctor, Era opened one of her eyes, stretched out one of her fingers and poked his powerful arm naughtily... "Uh, that... Jacob... "

"Are you kidding me?" Jacob turned back and squinted his deep and dangerous sight. He held her chin and asked coldly, "did you pretend to me just now?"

"No," Era shook her head, "I was indeed asleep." But he woke up when he held her in his arms. Now, she was just a canary raised in the villa, without worrying about food and clothing, and her life... Her life is safe for the time being. So she just wanted to make fun of him.

"Era Ling!"

"Thank you for remembering my name rather than the word 'woman'!" She smiled at him, blew out her pink tongue cutely, and grabbed the quilt to cover her naked body. She said seriously, "I was thinking hard on how to make you happy. Then I was too tired and fell asleep."

"Really?" His eyes were burning with fire. She was really dutiful!

A shiver ran down Era's spine. She hurried into the quilt, peeked at him, and closed her eyes again.

She glanced again and regretted not closing it! She had forgotten that his nature was as ruthless as a leopard that would devour his prey without mercy! She forgot what price she had to pay if the beast was irritated? ?

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