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   Chapter 28 Add More Fire

Fair-haired Boy By Ai Xiaomo Characters: 2221

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At the thought of this, Era made an action that let the man under the stage gape ——

Hiss! She tore her dress! Her deft and sexy move won cheers and acclamation in the hall immediately!

Then, she casually threw away the broken hemline of her dress, and she showed her several rotating and jumping skills perfectly...

After the dance, Era pressed her red lips with her little hand and threw a charming kiss. Then she walked out of the platform.

"Well done!" Zack gave her a thumbs up. She smiled shyly and gazed smartly at the entrance to the backstage.

As soon as the familiar tall figure appeared.

Run! When she saw him coming over, she reacted this way. Because Shirley told her that what a man couldn't get was the best...

So she turned around and rushed to the back of the stage!

"Era Ling!"

Jacob's voice came from behind her, and she could not help but chuckle when she run with light steps. Men are all the same.

She was tired! She ran all the way down the backstage, exhaling... She was too tired!

In the dark corridor, Jacob held Era in his arms, turned around, locked

her hands over her head and pressed one leg against her struggling body. All this was done at one go.

"Uh... Jacob..." Licking her lips, Era tried to get over the shock and put on an enchanting smile.

He didn't expect that his name would come out of her mouth in such a charming and attractive way. Without any hesitation, Jacob bowed his head...

His breath passed through her mouth to every part of her body and took away all her strength.

Shirley was right. Men are not the only ones who have a crush on a woman...

Suddenly, the sound of footsteps came through the corridor, with the light of flashed by the flashlight.

Shocked, Era stretched out her hand and tried to push Jacob away. But he acted as if nothing had happened. His eyes were cold. He didn't let her go, but took her directly into the small room behind him.

Inside was a prop room. A square table was placed in the middle of the room.

Era suddenly froze and bit her lip in fear of making any sound... This feeling agitated but mixed with a hint of pleasure.

As time passed, the corridor fell into silence again...

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