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   Chapter 27 Mysterious Guest

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"Damn it! It's not the time to get a sprain. The show is about to begin. Boss said there will be a mysterious guest here tonight. " Ridiculously, Zack turned out that these girls were not assured of this matter at all. .

"The 'Fire Phoenix' is the soul show of our nightclub. Are you going to tell me that you want to play the 'Headless Phoenix'? !" Zack scolded with both hands on his hips, frowning. Look at these disappointing girls. How could they screw things up at such a crucial moment!

"I... I can have a try... " A delicate voice came to Zack's ears. He hurriedly looked for the source of the voice, and saw a beautiful girl walking out from a corner.

"You mean you can dance the 'Fire Phoenix'?" Hearing this, Zack's eyes lit up. It seemed that he had found a lifeless ring. He went to the girl in a hurry, "are you new here? Who brought you here?"

When the girl saw Aaron, she smiled bashfully and said in a low voice, "it's Julie who brought me here."

Julie was the dancing director of "Fire Phoenix". Therefore, when hearing that it was Julie, Zack didn't hesitate, he hastily said, "change your dancing clothes. The show will begin in five minutes!"

"Okay!" The girl nodded, her eyes flashed a cunning smile.

Jacob! You wait. I'll give you a hot dance tonight! I'll tear off your cold shell and capture you!

With brisk music, nine beautiful women in phoenix dress and phoenix mask appeared in the show. All of the women were exquisitely beautiful and had a curvy figure. Their every move and every smile were so enchanting that the men off the stage whistled and applauded.

Jacob stared at her coldly under the stage.

As a matter of fact, he didn't like to watch these show. He was more interested in her.

She had been busy the whole day. He believed that she would be special.

He was like a leopard, patiently steel his claws, waiting for his prey to appear...

Just before the dance was about to end, one of the women suddenly jumped to the front of the stage. Her appearance caused the other eight women to be panicked. This performance wasn't in the "Fire Phoenix". Fortunately, they were all experienced dancers. As long as the audience had good reaction, they were happy to dance behind the women.

Jacob was slightly shaken by the woman's hot dance. She was really stunning. Although he couldn't see the eyes covered by the eye mask, he could feel that someone was watching him closely.

Staring at the woman on the stage, Jacob smiled. If she just wanted to attract his attention, then she succeeded.

She was standing in front of Jacob and suddenly pulled down the musk with her waving dress. She was so beautiful that people screamed! However, before the audience could see clearly her face, the mask suddenly covered her eyes, which was so fast!

Jacob finally understood what was going on in his eyes. He was right. She was Era, who had been nowhere to be found.

She smiled mischievously when she noticed the amazement in his icy eyes.

She knew it! She knew it!

Fortunately, she was aware of the dance of "Fire Phoenix" early, so she would cost a lot of money to ask Shirley to teach her. She grasped the essence as soon as a day, and they cooperated tonight to let her go on the stage.

Now, she needed to... Make herself more sexy!

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