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   Chapter 24 I'm Not Intentional

Fair-haired Boy By Ai Xiaomo Characters: 2466

Updated: 2020-03-02 00:22

It's like she didn't do that prank. How could a lady like her be so evil? She almost reached out her middle finger and hypnotized Jacob's deep and cold eyes, "illusion. Illusion. It's an illusion."

"I was just kidding with you. I need to lighten the mood before it begins, haha... "

She swore that she didn't want to be the prey when he was angry.

Era swallowed and poked him in the chest with her finger, trying to make her voice sound charming and lovely, "Jacob, don't you know that?"

Even if she hadn't tried to please him, his body had started to respond!

Not depressing at all, "open your mouth!" He ordered coldly.

"You are always like this." He suddenly pushed her away in a cold tone. "You are as stiff as a piece of wood! Don't forget, I don't have the obligation to satisfy you, but you have to make me happy. "

His words were sharp and ruthless, without any tenderness.

Damn you! Era cursed him in her mind.

But her heart was beating so fast that it seemed not belong to her anymore.

Closing her eyes, she saw a lovely smile in front of her, stretching out her chubby arms...

Immediately, she got up the courage.

After eliminating the desperate resistance and fear in her heart, she sl

owly stretched out her little hand to button——one, two, three...

Luckily, the hot steam had covered her body, so she didn't feel ashamed and flinch again...

For the sake of her plan, Era tried her best to put down her self-esteem. She was ready to risk everything at this moment.

Squinting his handsome eyebrows, Jacob felt a prick in his heart at the sight of her soft and shy kiss. She always surprises him.

However, her breath was in chaos, and her trembling arms exposed her nervousness and childishness. If she was unwilling to do it, why did she force herself to do it!

Jacob was not strong enough to force a woman to have sex with him. Then, he waved a cold hand to get rid of Era's soft body.

"Do you think you can get me into bed with your stupid and stiff appearance? Stop daydreaming! I can't guarantee that someone was killed because I was in a bad mood! " His charming lips parted, his gloomy eyes devoid of any emotion.

Although Era could not see his face, she still felt his coldness.

She bit her lips and hurriedly put on her clothes.

Shit! She really wanted to question him, "are you a man or not? He was even more vicious than a shrew! And he was even more wilful than a rude woman! "

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