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   Chapter 23 Is That All You Can Do

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The next moment, her pointed chin was raised by the man's slender fingers. The force was very gentle, but it was not easy to avoid. "Is that all you can do?"

Era gave him a stare and didn't respond. She quickened her pace to apply the body wash on him. Her action repeated automatically...

Her clothes were a little wet because of the water vapor in the bathroom. Somehow, Jacob's eyes darkened. Damn it, when did he become so frivolous.


"Woman, do you know how to do?"

Clap! Clap! The water boomed twice! He seemed to vent his anger and flapped the spray. The water splashed everywhere and drenched Era's hair.

"Ah!" With a scream, the brush held in Era's hand slipped from her fingers all of a sudden. Damn it! In fact, she wanted to throw the brush to this moody man. She frowned and stared at Jacob, as if she was staring at a swift and violent beast.

"What do you want?"

"What's the matter?" Jacob glanced at her coldly, "my idea is very simple. Are you sure that you don't know that?"

"You..." Era bit her lips hard, cursing him in her heart that he'd better be drowned in the bathtub. Looking at each other, the steaming bathroom turned the steam from water to ice debris instantly!

"Take a shower, right? Okay. " After a long while, her attitude changed and a smile appeared on her face.

It was a smile with a meek and obedient invitation to the man, but it was so beautiful that nobody could take his eyes off it.

Even though he was as cold as Jacob, he was a little stunned and lost for a moment.

She walked up obe

diently and took a wooden basin, slowly filling it with water. When he was distracted, the smile on her face disappeared suddenly. She raised the wooden basin, the water... The water was splashed down...

Jacob was like a drowned rat! Water dripped down his stern face.

Era was pleased to see him embarrassed, but when she saw him staring at her, she threw the wooden basin away.

"Well, you asked me to help, which is much faster than bathing, isn't it?"

She deliberately avoided his eyes. Although she was happy just now, she forgot that this man was an unruly person. If she would lose her life because of this traitorous action.

As expected, Jacob's jaw was a bit stiff. He stared at her in a cold and profound way that she could not understand.

Era took a step back subconsciously. Although he was not angry, he might be able to point the dark weapon at her in the next moment. You must take good care of yourself... Impulse is the devil!

However, she was caught by his big hand all of a sudden. She took a breath and threw herself into the bathtub, pressing on Jacob...

With a mischievous smile, he said mischievously, "woman, you've pissed me off!" Era shivered at his low and attractive voice. Was she going to die for a basin of water?

She felt his warm hand reach to her collarbone with his thumb. "Uh..." Era felt hurt and attempted to beg for mercy. "I was just joking with you! A great man rarely stoops to pettiness. Will you forgive me once?" She rubbed her fists, blinked her beautiful eyes, looking pathetic and aggrieved...

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