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   Chapter 21 Finally Abandoned

Fair-haired Boy By Ai Xiaomo Characters: 3095

Updated: 2020-03-01 00:22

When her mother was alive, there was always a bunch of lilies, beautiful and elegant, just like her mother.

It was said that women were as beautiful as flowers. If she could choose, she would rather choose a rose with thorns than a lily...

"You..." Grace was so furious that she wanted to tear up Era. But in front of Enoch, she could only swallow her anger, pretending to be aggrieved. "I know it's hard to be a stepmother. Enoch... "

"Alright," said Enoch, who had been wearing a cold face, and finally had a little expression. He patted Grace on the shoulder and said, "I know you're having a hard time. I'll take you abroad to travel a few days later."

"Really?" With a joyous smile, Grace gave a kiss to Enoch.

This scene stung Era's eyes and her eardrum ached. At this moment, she would rather be blind and deaf.

As time went by, Anna still didn't come back. The Xu family started to make dinner.

"Sister..." As soon as Raymond came down the stairs, he saw Era, who ran excitedly into her arms.

"Hey, Raymond, it's time to eat," Grace shouted. She felt angry. This child is so kind to Era.

"Okay, let's go to eat dinner. Raymond took Era's hand and said, "sister, it's time for dinner."

"Raymond, when are you in charge of the house? You can't do anything for yourself." Grace pointed at the two and turned to the servant who was placing the dishes. "Bring Raymond here."

"Mom, if you don't let sister eat, I won't eat." Raymond pouted in protest.

"Raymond, be a good boy. I've already eaten. You should

go to eat now." Smiling and pinching his cute face, Era felt a little warm in her heart.


"Well, I..."

"I'm back." Upon hearing such a high pitched voice, Anna strode into the house, followed by Brooks.

A gleam flashed in her eyes when she saw Era, but soon it disappeared. She became arrogant and scornful. "Hum, Era, do you still have the nerve to go back home?"

"Haha..." She sneered, very cold.

He walked slowly towards her. She raised her hand and slapped him hard across the face.

"Ling Xi, you..." She raised her hand in an attempt to fight back.

"Xi Er, what are you doing?" Seeing that, Qi Zeming pulled EVA behind him and glared at Ling Xi.

"What?" Mrs. Liu screamed, "what? You dare to slap me?"

"You wicked girl! You really want to piss me off?" With a livid face, David threw the bamboo chopsticks in his hand to Xi Er.

"Haha..." Era smiled grimly, her eyes full of sadness and despair.

Although she had already known that she was abandoned, she still had the extravagant hope in her heart. 'Era, now you understand that no one will feel sorry for you, even if you have suffered great grievances.'

As she stared at Anna who was pitifully leaning in Brooks's arms, she released her inner pain word by word, "Anna, you bastard!"


"You can ridicule, insult and frame me. You can hate me, you can slander me everywhere. You can take away my father and my boyfriend, but why do you hire someone to kidnap me and even want to... " She was too shocked to utter these words...

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