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   Chapter 20 Make Me Happy To Save Her

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Updated: 2020-03-01 00:12

"No, she didn't." Era shook her head. Although she could not find a reason to save Anna, she hated blood.

"Whatever you want." Anyway, her life was in his palm. She had nothing to lose.

She was such a fool!

Jacob squinted his cold eyes. He was stunned by Era's twinkling eyes for a second. Then he bent down without hesitation and kissed her——

To conquer a woman as a man;

He manipulated her as a gamer;

He was like a devil possessive an angel;

Era was stunned.

She exclaimed!

It seemed that she smelled something bloody and spilled over her lips.

That pain stung her. Last second she was almost intoxicated in his unique breath, and next second he would easily bite through her most vulnerable forbidden area!

Jacob's sharp eyes glittered and he smelt the blood around her lips.

"Think about what you can do to make me happy. Maybe I'll let her go." His cold voice reverberated in the car.

"I... Say yes." Era bore the pain and nodded. She did it not for Anna, but for her great plan of getting a kid.

The gate of Xu family was right in front of her eyes. The setting sun shone on it, which made people look a little indifferent and cruel.

"Hey, look who's here! Miss Xu, haven't you sworn not to step into this door again? What happened to you? Can't you stay outside? I'm telling you, it's not a shel

ter here. You can't come and go whenever you want... " Grace taunted when she saw Era.

"I'm here for Anna." Era clenched her fists, endured humiliation, and the pain in her heart, and resisted the impulse to beat up Grace. She interrupted her and said.

"Anna? She is out with Brooks. I don't know when she will come back." With these words, Grace raised her head, meaning, "get out!"

"I will wait for her here." Era ignored her and sat on the sofa.

"Hey, Era Xu. Oh, no, I should call you Era Ling now. Didn't you hear me? Anna didn't come back tonight. Perhaps she was preparing a romantic dinner with Brooks right now. Do you want... "

A sound came... After that, Enoch went downstairs. Seeing that Era frowned, he said nothing, and sat on the sofa and picked up the tea.

He didn't even look up, as if the tea cup in his hand was more intimate than her daughter.

A bitter smile emerged on Era's lips. 'We were relatives. Why do we take each other as a passer-by?' she wondered.

"Era, if you want to move back to Xu family, just tell us. Your father and I are not narrow-minded people..." With a sweet smile, Grace sat next to Enoch.

"Listen, I just want to see Anna. Today, I must see her!"

After saying that in a cold voice, Era kept silent. With her eyes fixed on the enchanting red roses, she felt very sad...

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