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   Chapter 18 Who Is The Mastermind Of The Kidnapping (Part Two)

Fair-haired Boy By Ai Xiaomo Characters: 3197

Updated: 2020-02-29 00:22

"Hurry up!" The man on the left in the back seat urged him impatiently. He was coveting the beauty in front of him.

"This girl is so hot. She kicked me hard!" The other man made up an excuse to create the scene. Seeing that, Era closed her eyes with tears welling up on her eyelashes... She sadly found that no one could call for help. The only thing that flashed through her mind was the domineering cold face of the man.

When Jacob drove his car here, he saw that Era was held by a black car.

He frowned and stepped on the gas. With a loud bang, the black Porsche hit the back of the car at a gallop speed. The car lost control and rushed to the roadside guardrail. It stopped after a few bumps.

"Shit! How could you drive?" They got off with swearing and then saw a tall and straight man wearing sunglasses and a mysterious black suit getting out of the Porsche. He put his hair on both sides of his cheek, looking domineering. The air around him was cold and bloodthirsty.

"Boss..." The man walking in front of him was frightened by his imposing manner.

"Don't worry! Can't so many of us beat him?" The man got off the car and ordered angrily, "beat the crap out of him!"

"It's him!" Suddenly, Era opened her tearful eyes and saw the man standing next to the car. Those men approached him with malicious looks, but he didn't move away at all. His long fingers slowly unbuttoned two buttons, and the sunglasses reflected the sharp and terrible light as a leopard.

He was surrounded in the middle. It was said that he was no match for them. However, she saw Jacob punching

and sweeping around, instantly knocking down several men. Jacob slowly stood up, crumpled his collar, and gave a cold glance at the car. Era got off the car and threw herself into Jacob's arms regardless of her dress.

Era wept again. She had forgotten her feud with him, and forgotten to hide, flash, and fear. She just buried her head into his arms and cried like a weak kitten.

"Aha..." When he heard her crying, Jacob lowered his head and looked at her with contempt. However, he stopped when his hand touched her shivering shoulder. She was trembling so hard that she could only rely on him. It was like the only sail wood that could be grasped in the sea.

Then he changed his direction and embraced her.

He stepped on the man's chest and his eyes were cold. "Tell me, who is your boss?"


He suddenly stopped and trod on the man's chest.

"Aha?" He screamed like a pig being butchered, "I'll tell you, I'll tell you... It's little Impatiens..."

His feet are pushing again.

"Oh my God... She is now the second daughter of the Xu family, Anna Xu."

It turned out that before Anna entered the Xu family, she had made friends with many street gangsters. She was good at dealing with all kinds of people, and her nickname was "little Impatiens".

"Get out!" He folded his leg and said grimly. The man immediately moved away, completely ignoring his companions who had been knocked out on the ground.

"Your enemy?" Jacob looked down at Era's head, but his eyes were still cold. As soon as they started fighting, he realized that these hooligans are nothing...

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