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   Chapter 17 Who Is The Mastermind Of The Kidnapping (Part One)

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Updated: 2020-02-29 00:12

"Brooks?" Anna looked at him in Brooks. How could they show the white feather? It's just a restaurant. With the power of Qi family, how could they be afraid of them?

"Let's go!"

Brooks's attitude was firm. She had no choice but to turn around. However, before she left, she glared at Era and said, "don't count your chickens before they hatch!" Then, she said goodbye to Jacob.

Looking at their backs which looked a bit messy, Era muttered, "they were driven out, so they have nothing to do with me, right?" Subconsciously, she always felt a little resistant to the idea of making public appearance to bully the weak.

Jacob glanced at her coldly without saying anything. Obviously, he was not in the mood to talk with her.

"Yes, Miss. In order to guarantee the quality of every customer's meal, our restaurant is very strict with the selection of membership qualification. Just now, this gentleman and his female companion's behavior will make them lose a lot of quality points. " The manager of the restaurant explained to her. He glanced at her with meaningful eyes. The boss doesn't come here often, especially with a woman. He couldn't help but say a few more words.

"Okay," 'I've always heard that customers choose restaurants. The restaurant can also choose customers. What a surprise!' Era thought. Then, she looked at Jacob with her big eyes, believing that this man was a rich person.

During the dinner, after that, a few thousand dollars was used out of Era's bank card. Era felt her heart trembling with anger, but she didn't dare to say anything.

After the dinner, they went out of the restaurant. Era stopped smiling and stood on the step blankly when Jacob went to


Thinking of the scene just now, Era was still sad. Only memory was left for her childhood friendship with Brooks——

"Era, don't cry. I'll protect you when your mother leaves."

"Era, you naughty child. How dare you sprinkle water on me? I'll punish you... "

"Era, why are you so careless? Did you get hurt? Show me. "

The world was a mass of lies, She had thought that all indestructible feelings would disappear in an instant. In love, she was not a happy main character, but a superfluous foil.

She would never trust men again!

She can't believe in love anymore!

She hoped that a family member, connected with her blood, would never leave her, and It's her only way to have a baby.

Lost in thought, she didn't notice several shadows emerging from the dark, "Hey, beauty. Would you like to play with me?" They moved forward quickly, with obscene and malicious expressions in their eyes. They were obviously bad.

"Sorry, I..." Before Era finished her words, several men had already surrounded her and suddenly covered her mouth. She tried to get rid of them. However, they were too strong and dragged her into the car. "Let me go..."

"Shut up!"

"Um... Help... "

"Drive the car!" One of the men held the steering wheel and stepped on the gas. Two men sat beside her and held her hands and feet. "Drive slowly. Let's finish it as soon as possible!"

"Oh my God... Don't... "

The two men ignored Era and covered her mouth. Obviously, it was a premeditated kidnapping. It could be no one but her dear sister, Anna Xu. Does Brooks know? With her eyes wide open, Era burst into tears. All of a sudden, she looked as helpless as a baby being abandoned...

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