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   Chapter 16 Enemies Are Destined To Meet (Part Three)

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"Hey, why are you still here?" Era almost bumped into his strong back. She touched her nose and asked awkwardly. As she spoke, she caught sight of a waiter talking to Brooks and Anna over there. All of a sudden, Anna looked around. She stood up and rushed to them.

"Era, what do you mean? Is it amazing to find a rich man? You asked a waiter to drive us away! We eat with you to give you face. How shameless you are! " Although Anna kept her manner and didn't shout loudly, it had already attracted the attention of several guests around.

"Anna, don't be capricious...." Brooks followed her and held her hand.

"Brooks, I'm not messing around. It's Era who is bullying me." Anna acted like a spoiled child and clinging onto Brooks's arm.

Era's heart sank. She looked away. Her heart ached, even though she knew clearly that the love she could get was not real love, the man she could be taken away did not deserve love at all.

Jacob gave her a cold glance, and his eyes were still filled with coldness. He said to the manager of the restaurant who came in a hurry with a low voice, "according to the rules of Cachino, how to deal with this situation?"

"Oh, if they make a noise in our restaurant to affect other customers, please them to leave at once. Otherwise, they will be disqualified." The manager answered with respect.

"Then what are you waiting for?" There was a trace of impatience in the cold voice.

"Yes." The manager nodded and said to Brooks and Anna: "I'm sorry. Please come to another restaurant today. Welcome to our restaurant another day."

"What?" Anna raised her voice, "is this the way you treat a guest? I'm going to

complain to your manager. And you? What are you talking about? " She pointed at Jacob, but was shocked at the moment when she looked into his eyes.

This man's eyes were even colder than usual. His eyes were as cold as if they were a pool of cold water, without the slightest trace of human emotion. He felt like being carved by an ice sculpture. Is he a human? Or a robot?

However, would the robot be so handsome? This was also the second reason that Anna was stunned!

The strong man with a black robe, appeared to be a bold. He had sculptured features with striking features and had bronze skin. He was like a Greek statue. His deep and dark eyes exuded an aura of an emperor who ruled the world, making people feel pressure.

Brooks was already outstanding. But he's more perfect.

"I am the restaurant manager." The manager of the restaurant said immediately when he saw the gradually gathered hostility between Jacob's eyebrows. He waved his hand and call for two waiters to come here.

"You are? Well, that's not a fancy restaurant. That's how you treat your guests... " Anna couldn't help but glance at Jacob again. He was so stylish!

Having observed Jacob and Era in silence, Brooks knew that it would be more embarrassed if they continued to argue with each other. He nodded to the restaurant manager and said, "we're leaving now." Then he took Anna's hand and said, "let's go, Anna."

Obviously, Era and Lee didn't look like boyfriend and girlfriend. He was relieved. But Lee gave a sinister smile. He didn't look like an ordinary man. Whether it was for Era or for himself, he had to find out the background as soon as possible.

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