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   Chapter 13 The Meeting Of Sisters

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The master of ceremonies said that he would belong to whoever got the man. But now? Alas! Era sighed in her heart. I heard that killers earn a lot of money? But why does this person depend on her? It doesn't matter if she would provide for you. But you have to be self-conscious. How can you be so reckless to spend other people's money?

She kept gossiping in her heart, but she didn't know that the restaurant they entered was a high-class restaurant that only opened to VIP. Ordinary people couldn't enter it, and no matter how rich and casual people were, they were not allowed to enter. People wanted to have dinner here not only need to pay ten million for their membership card, but also needed to have a certain social status. Therefore, whoever could enter this place was also a member of the social status.

Every table here was very wide, and they were separated by crystal beads. So there was neither awkwardness nor fear of being pried at during the meal.

However, they were always disturbed by those who wanted to do something.

Anna walked into the Cachino arm in arm with Brooks. She looked around curiously, just like someone who hasn't seen the world. Though the Xu family owned small assets, couldn't get the qualification to have lunch here. She had been pestering for several days. Brooks had promised to take her here. She must look carefully and show off to her sisters.

Then she looked around and found that Era was sitting on a table in the corner alone.

"Brooks, look! Who is she?" She laughed, with a flash of mockery in her eyes. Humph, how could an orphan enter such a noble place? She must hook up with a rich man, or may be a bald, fat old man... It just so happens that today she will meet her. She must expose her ugly face in front of Brooks!

Era picked up the drink in front of her and took a sip. That cold and overbearing man said he was going to the bathroom. Why did it take so long?

Hearing the footsteps, she turned her head and said, "you go..." But when she saw the person coming, she stopped abruptly. The man standing in front of her wasn't Jacob. At this moment, he was smiling at her. He had a short stature, with a slightly bulging belly, and his features were all squeezed into the middle of the round face. His eyes smiled dirtily like a deformed eggplant. He was totally different from Jacob.


Era smiled and actually wanted to say to him, 'it's not your fault to be ugly, but you have to live in an elegant place. I can't help but worry about the food quality of this restaurant when I see you.'

"I think we have met somewhere before." Seeing that Era did not refuse, the man showed his yellow teeth.

Since it was an old-fashioned way to accost a woman, Era almost laughed out loud, and became interested in it. She hated men who always tried to flirt with a woman in such a frivolous way.

"Really?" She smiled more brightly, "I also think your looks familiar."

"Really? You are so beautiful. I won't admit you." With these words, the man took the opportunity to sit beside Era.

She rolled over to keep a distance from him. Smiling like a flower, Era said maliciously, "I should have remembered your characteristics. Unfortunately, I should never forget, but I can't remember..."

"Hey, sister, it's really you! I thought I was mistaken." The lines she had carefully prepared were interrupted by a sudden female voice. Then she saw that Anna was smiling at her, with her arms around Brooks. From the beginning, only in front of Brooks would Anna call her sister.

Her eyes fell on the arms of the two intimate people. Although she trie

d to cover it, there was still a hint of pain in her eyes.

"You can go now." Era said to the strange man coldly. At the moment, she was not in the mood to deal with him, a stranger.

But the passers-by didn't realize that. "They are your friends. Why don't you introduce them to each other?"

"Yes, sister, why do we drive her away as soon as we arrive?" With these words, Anna pushed the man to sit next to Era and then pulled Brooks across the table.

"Is he your new boyfriend? You two make a perfect couple. "

Perfect couple? Frowning, Era gave her a glare. She saw they looked like boyfriend and girlfriend from some of her eyes and that they were a perfect couple. She was in such a hurry to discredit herself in front of Brooks. Did she think she was still the obedient lamb of the Xu family?

"I know you must be down since you left home. She had to do that. Dad was so careless. She just didn't go home last night. Why was he so angry? Now there are many ignorant girls. What's wrong with making a mistake? "

"Anna!" As Anna's words became more and more intentional, Brooks couldn't help but give a light cough to stop her.

Having noticed that, Anna stopped talking and glanced at the flirtatious man, smiling sheepishly. "Sorry, I seemed to... I seemed to talk too much. By the way, sister, won't you introduce him to Brooks and me... Sir? "

Hearing this, Brooks breathed a sigh of relief. He was really afraid that the two sisters would fight in the restaurant, so he quickly agreed:

"Yes, Era. Who is he..."

Era sneered at Brooks, 'Brooks, you used to dote on me and never allow anyone to bully me. But now, you even don't care about the humiliation that Anna has brought to me.' Whether love is too important or you are confident that I am ignorant.

Anna looks at her. Her eyes are full of pride.

The pain in her eyes became deeper. Era clenched her fists and pressed her nails into the flesh to replace the pain in her heart.

For a moment, the atmosphere was so weird, full of undercurrent.

'The ending is so obvious. What else do you make? Era Ling!' Disheartened, she had no mood to argue anymore. She coldly bid them farewell.

"He's just a passer-by. I don't know him, so it's unnecessary for me to introduce him to you. If you don't have anything else, please leave. "

However, Anna didn't intend to give up. She was angry that she didn't get an appointment with Mrs.Ye last time. They finally met today, how could she let her go so easily?

But she had to maintain her lady image in front of Brooks. With a slight twitch of her face, she smiled again.

"Sister, don't be shy. Since you left home, our parents have been very worried about you. Only when you find a good boyfriend can our parents rest assured..." While speaking, the disdainful look in her eyes indicated the ugly man next to Era, and she continued to carry on her hidden sarcasm. About five minutes later, she said, " So, with your current condition, you shouldn't be picky about anything, as long as... "

"As long as it's a man, it's okay, right?" Anna's insistence and Brooks's indifference infuriated Era. All of a sudden, she cut in and gave a sweet smile.

"I... I didn't say that. " Anna's eyes twinkled.

"Don't you want to say that? Oh... " After hearing her, Era was suddenly enlightened. "I forgot that carrying out the crime and plan are two different things."

"Brooks, look at her. I didn't mean that." No way! 'She would better make a scene here so that Brooks will see her in person, ' Anna thought.

But Anna pretended to be aggrieved, she reminds Era of Anna's mother, Grace.

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