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   Chapter 12 Fight To Eat (Part Two)

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"What? If you're not tired forever? " Era asked back by instinct. She didn't want to be cautious all her life to be with a devil.

"Don't I get tired of it?" A hint of mockery flashed in his eyes. "Then you should feel honored. Remember... He bent down and his eyes were as cold as a pool of ice without any feelings of human. "If you can't stay with me for a month, you will end up dying!"

Since he's not interested for 30 days, then she won't live long.

Era trembled. Although she didn't want to accept this condition, she had to nod cautiously under the man's cold gaze. She had to go step by step.

"Good." He raised his hand and patted her head, as if she were a lovely pet.

Since then, Era had fallen into deep trouble...

The next morning, as soon as she opened her eyes in a haze, a pink clothes was thrown to her.

"Era Ling, buy me the right clothes within half an hour. I need to go out." Jacob stood at the head of the bed and said in a cold voice.

It was summer now, but her back is cold. She ran out of the door as fast as she could and then came back out of breath.

"Oh, sir, I forgot my purse."

"Idiot!" He was lying elegantly on the bed, leaving her one words behind. Apparently, he was too lazy to look at her.

She took the wallet with embarrassment and quickly went out, only to find that there were only some paper coins and changes in the wallet. Her credit card and ID card were all gone.

Damn it! She couldn't help swearing. If so, wouldn't she be mastered by him, and it was impossible for her to escape?!

To her surprise, the power was off that night, which resulted in a tragedy——

"Oh, so hot."

Jacob muttered, "Era Ling, fan for me."

"Uh... No... " She refused half dreamy, half awake.

"What don't you want? Life? " His voice was cold and intimidating.

The girl suddenly quivered and jumped up...

Therefore, in the middle of the night, she stood at the bedside of him, with a magazine in her hand.

"Come here and sleep with me!" She was directly dragged to bed by a claw.

"The whole body is soft and hot, like a baked sweet potato!" Jacob buried his head in her neck and snorted.

Baked sweet potato? What's the metaphor? She rolled her eyes and couldn't help but retorted, "why do you hold me so tight while I'm hot?"

"Shut up, I'm cold now!"

"Cold?" She was cursing silently, the corners of her mouth twitching. Who just said hot? She was now very sure that this man was deliberately teasing her in a way of super rascal, childish and idiot.

In this way, they fought against each other for a whole week. One noon, Jacob went into a fancy western restaurant with Era.

The Cachino Western Restaurant was specially designed in the top international decoration style. The style of European ancient castle as well as the classic boldness. The inlaid in the top of the hall was invaluable. Walking into the hall, as if walking into a long corridor. There were famous paintings, famous masters everywhere. Looking at the luxurious decoration of the hall, Era was surprised and her heart beat fast. She's going to spend a lot of money again.

He had been eating expensive western food and Japanese food for the past few days. The minimum consumption in each restaurant was over 1000 dollars. Her wallet had been halved.

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