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   Chapter 11 Fight To Eat (Part One)

Fair-haired Boy By Ai Xiaomo Characters: 3680

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Fortunately, she bought gruel today and also ordered a roast goose, which was put in the big flowerpot at the door secretly. She had planned to take it out as soon as possible if he didn't look well. But he just robbed the porridge from her. Now she was able to enjoy alone.

After she opened the packing paper, she sat on the sofa holding the roast light. The aroma was so smelly that Era closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

"Does it taste good?" A cold voice suddenly sounded. Era opened her eyes and saw a man looking at her sharply. She immediately petrified, and after a moment, she obediently served the roast goose with a bitter smile. "Sir, if you want to eat it, just give it to you. Why do you want to kill me for a goose..."

She didn't want to be the first person in history who would lose her life for eating.

"No, it's not a question of goose," said Jacob, as he removed roasted goose and looked down at her, "I hate it when people lie to me, and you're not honest at all!" It was ridiculous. When she looked at him pitifully, he showed sympathy. 'Don't ask me to leave with nothing and be short of money! These are all excuses to fool me!' thought he.

"I was wrong..." Holding the roast goose in her hands, Era couldn't find a reasonable explanation, and her tears rolled down from her big eyes. The tears, like crystal, kept falling. She sobbed.

"I was wrong. I shouldn't have learnt this from the beginning; I shouldn't have riled you up; I shouldn't have attended Mrs.Ye's party, and brought you to the hotel by some freak; I shouldn't have treated you like a master; I shouldn't have bought you food and clothing..." Under his threat, she didn't want to cry or give up. But she was so scared at that moment. Her tears fell down along her eyelashes. She bit her lips and stared at him stubbornly, "Sir,

just kill me if you want. But can you promise me one thing? "

"Speak up!" In a condescending manner, Jacob looked down at the pretty woman with his dark and deep eyes. He was born with the aura of a king who was ruling the world, which made people feel depressed.

"All my savings are in that bag," said Era, pointing at a pink bag at the head of the bed, tears streaming down her cheeks. "Could you please buy a graveyard after my death? I have no relatives. I don't want to die on the street."

At this moment, an indescribable complex emotion flashed through his icy eyes. It had never occurred to him that this little girl, who always had a smile on her face, would also become fragile sometimes.

It never occurred to him that she should be so aggrieved. He hates women crying, but now he doesn't. On the contrary, he became more and more interested in her. He didn't want to say goodbye to this interesting little girl forever. "Stop your damn tears right now. Maybe I will consider giving you another chance."

"Well... Oh... " Era dried her tears, "you... Are you lying to me? "


"Go ahead!" Instantly, her little face was full of vitality.

What's this little girl like?

Why was she so stubborn and fragile? She was so proud, but she was also so poor? She was so optimistic, but why was her eyes full of untouchable disappointment when she just said that she had no family? It was the first time that he had felt that a woman was not only able to satisfy men's physiological needs, but also a kind of complicated animal... Therefore, he decided to keep the little thing by his side and thoroughly see through it——

"Be my woman until I get tired of you!" To be exact, he didn't need to hide anything from her. If he had seen through her, he would abandon her in a good way without any hesitation.

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