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   Chapter 9 You Raise Me (Part One)

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"Shut up!" Jacob felt annoyed and frowned. He opened the box and managed to take a spoonful of it. This porridge is not as hard as he thought.

He drank the porridge up in the box.

Uh, she thought he was a carnivorous animal, but she didn't expect that he was a omnivorous animal. Era only paid attention to him and the porridge in front of her had not eaten much.

Seeing this, Jacob stretched out his hand and moved her porridge box to his side.

"Hey, that's mine." Era regained her consciousness and tried to stand up to grab the bowl. However, she was stopped by Jacob and he was swallowing the congee.

When he finished the last bite of porridge, he pushed the porridge box aside, stood up and ordered, "clean this place."

"What..." What are you? She could only utter the last few words.

"Hurry up! Don't let me say it again!" He was a clean freak. He hated dirty things. Except for sex demand, he never let women get close to him. But she was an exception.

But she was an occasional and brief exceptions!


Jacob was a cold and arrogant man. He could get whatever he wanted. In his eyes, everything was just a game, and usually couldn't last too long...

Era stammered and tidied up the table. Fortunately, she didn't feel hungry these days. She has scolded Jacob in her heart many times, but she wore a faint smile on her face all the time.

You jerk! She was going to remember this! She swore!

When he was full and finished his shower, Jacob fell down to the soft bed, laying down on Era and pressed her against the bed.

"Uh, you... You can't do it today." When she smelled Jacob's masculine fragrance, Era suddenly blushed. Be careful that your liver will beat wildly, almost turn into a mouthful.

When Jacob heard her, he frowned and looked down at her coldly.

"Well..." Era swallowed hard and said, "I'm not available today. It was


The frown deepened on his beautiful face, as if he was asking "which one has come?".

'This idiot. Doesn't he know women's menstrual period! Constraining the impulse to roll her eyes, Era explained patiently and innocently, "that period is called menstrual period. However, the scientific appellation is that female menstrual hemorrhage."

"You are speaking too much!" He said coldly, but his tall body was still pressing on her.

"You don't believe it? I can prove it to you! " Blinking Era's eyes. Fortunately, she was well prepared.

After coaxing him into kicking him off the bed, Era got up and ran into the bathroom. After a while, she rushed out like a whirlwind with a garbage bag in her hand. She moved close to Jacob and said, "look, look at it. I won't lie to you! I'm really inconvenient. "

After finishing her words, Era moved the trash bag closer to that ghastly pale handsome face.

"Get off me!" Jacob frowned again. Was this woman an idiot? She should have shaken that thing in front of a man casually. Although he was used to the smell of blood, he still lost his appetite because of the terrible thing.

"Get off me!" The cold voice was approaching the freezing point.

Seeing that, Era put away the trash bag in a hurry and sent her back to the bathroom with a serious face.

As soon as the door was closed, she immediately covered her mouth, snickering instantly and then bursting into laughter. Her shoulders twisting like a spasm, and she laughed until her stomach ached. But she didn't make too much noise in order not to disturb the beast which was dormant outside. That's enough. She took a quick shower and went to bed. When she walked out of the bathroom with one foot, she found there was a big problem in her mind now -- there was only one bed, but now more than half of the bed was occupied by the man's tall and strong body...

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