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   Chapter 8 Eat You

Fair-haired Boy By Ai Xiaomo Characters: 5452

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"No. I left without so much money in my hands. This is the best clothes I can buy now." She looked at him sheepishly, her big eyes rolling with tears.

Suddenly, a strange feeling came over her. Jacob licked his lips and smoothed his hair. Then he took the black trousers by his hand and changed his clothes in front of Era. He looked like a cynical prince with beautiful fingers holding trousers.

But he didn't move the light pink shirt. His strong and fine chest was bare, and his bronze skin looked fresh after his shower.

Era was dumbfounded. This clothes is very cheap, but it made him look noble.

A disdainful and mocking smile appeared in his calm and dark eyes. "Woman, I'm hungry." His voice was a little hoarse.

"Are you hungry?" Era, who just started to breathe smoothly, suddenly became short of breath again. After regaining her composure, she forgot the danger and complained, "come on. I just came back. Do you really take me as your maid?"

"Woman, don't be insatiable." He looked sideways at her, and there was no emotion in his black eyes.

Era leaned over on the sofa shamelessly, but she was really exhausted after running over a long distance. She waved her hand and haggled, "give me ten minutes, let me have a rest. Is that okay?"


"What?" He answered so quickly that Era was thrilled.

Squinting at her, Jacob slowly approached her and whispered in her ear, "then I have only... I'll eat you first! " He wrapped his arms around her waist and lifted her up.

"Let me go!" Era struggled in panic, but his arms were as strong as iron, and she could not move at all.

"Don't move! This is your own choice." In case she ran away again, he hugged her tightly.

His hug was like a thunderclap, wakening Era up. Pushing him away with great strength, she sat up in horror.

Although it was not the first time, it was still dark outside, so it was strange for her to do such a thing. Without the help of alcohol, she was really scared.

"I'm going to buy dinner for you." After saying that, Era hurriedly got out of bed and ran out of the room.

Glaring at her back with his dark eyes, Jacob affectionately stared at her. At this moment, she was absolutely his most delicious dinner.

But he never had the habit of forcing women to have sex. In fact, in the past, he would easily jump into his bed with a crooked finger.

And she was different. That night she was passionate and wild. Just now the terrified expression on her face clearly told him that she was frightened, just like a frightened deer!

"The frightened deer will just increase the appetite of the leopards. You can't run away, Era Ling! At the moment, his drooping eyelashes covered his savage l

ook. It had been a long time since he had enjoyed it. Although Elizabeth had played the game before, he had discovered happiness in something boring. That was exactly what he was interested in.

After walking out of the hotel, Era realized that she was less likely to be slaughtered as a prey. As she had just taken her life as guarantee, a bold plan came into her mind. She borrowed a seed from that cold and overbearing man and wanted to have a baby.

Era had to admit that except for his cold temperament and irresistible disposition, he was flawless in everything else. She even began to imagine the scene that a little baby as beautiful as that man was around her all day long and that it was a pleasure and achievement!

She had calculated her period, and was in the safe period now. How could she frighten that cold and overbearing man, and let him wait until her ovulatory period, to make out with her? It's too hard! Era frowned. She was very pure, and she would never let that domineering man take advantage of her.

When she was thinking, she bumped into a girl who just came out of the supermarket.

"Hey, watch out!" The girl complained unhappily, and the things in her hands spread all over the ground.

"Sorry, I'm sorry!" Era immediately squatted down to help the girl put the thing in the bag. Instant noodles and juice... Besides... She stared at the piece of tissue in her hand and her eyes lit up. She was on her period! It must be a good excuse!

"You are crazy!" Era smirked at the sanitary pad. The girl grabbed the bag, threw it into the bag and left without looking back.

But Era didn't care about it at all. She rushed into the supermarket and bought some sanitary towels and red ink. She was extremely cautious in dealing with that cruel and overbearing man!

Then she walked into the famous porridge shop on the street and packed back the hot, fragrant osmanthus lotus seed porridge. She glanced at the box, which was a very exquisite gift box, a cute pink, round cylinder shaped, especially with the "heart" under the rabbit. She couldn't help raising the corners of her mouth. She could imagine the cool man in the hotel whose mouth twitched at the sight of the porridge.

"Longan lotus seed porridge?" How can you give me such terrible food! " Besides, the box was put in such a disgusting way. With his eyebrows tightly knitted, Jacob looked quite displeased. The expression on his face was as the same as that in Era's imagination.

"Sorry, I really don't have much money. I have to calculate the days..." The same reason, the same pitiful expression on her face. But in her mind, she thought to herself, 'humph, it's good to have food. You don't like it! Nuisance!'

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