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   Chapter 7 Bring Back A Wolf

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"Fine, fine. I'll just..." Before Era finished her words, Jacob raised his eyebrows. She rushed out of the bedroom like a whirlwind and opened the door of the bathroom.

She heard a thick warning behind her, "woman, you'd better be quick!" After taking off his shirt and pants, Jacob was also confused. He not only didn't kill her, but also had shown great interest in her. "Damn it! I'm crazy!"

The sound of water pouring came from the bathroom. Era turned on the tap and filled the bathtub with water. Then she walked out of the bathroom to invite devil to take a bath. Better drown him! She cursed inwardly. She just pushed the bathroom door open——

"What?" A piercing scream suddenly rose.

Jacob was standing at the door of the bathroom, not paying attention to his pose. His handsome face and the mixed blood made Era's heart almost burst out.

"Shut up!" He ordered coldly.

Era immediately shut up and covered her eyes with her hands, blushing. "Why... Why don't you wear clothes? Come on, go get dressed. "

"You ask me to put on my clothes and take a shower?" Suddenly, Jacob's voice was heard overhead of Era. He pushed aside her fingers, grabbed her little hand and ridiculed, "if you don't want to peep, don't put your fingers so obviously... Open such a big gap, woman! "


"Besides, it's not the first time that you see me naked. We have already done it. If you still keep being reserved, it will only make me feel hypocritical! " Jacob scolded her with sharp words, squinted at her and walked into the bathroom. "I don't have any clean clothes to change. You'd better go downstairs to buy some."

"For what?" He really treated her as a maid at will.

Whoosh, his eyes

were cold, gloomy and dangerous.

"Well, I'll go now."

"Don't try to escape. It's not difficult for me to find someone, and it's easier to kill someone." As soon as Era turned around, she heard a cold voice behind her...

"Era Ling!" He emphasized on the last sentence.

"What? Do you know me? " Era looked back at him and asked with fear, "who are you?"

"You don't need to know! As long as you know, don't ever try to challenge my bottom line again! " Squinting his eyes and licking his lips cruelly, Jacob casually glanced at the dressing table at the side of the big bed. There was a new ID card of Era lying there!

After walking out of the hotel, Era was still hesitating whether she should run away or not. Staying by the side of that man put herself in danger like jumping into the tiger's lair. However, since he had known her identity, he could do nothing about it? If she was caught by him, would she be dismembered?

After shivering, she came to a clothes store. But when she saw the price tag which was nearly tens of thousands, she felt a little angry. She didn't think that she could let the man off so easily. She decided to buy some cheap stuff for him.

He liked black, so she chose white for him; he liked cool, she preferred cute clothes for him. Having made up her mind, she went two more streets, and finally chose a set of light pink clothing, a sportswear with black trousers. After hesitating for a long time, she didn't dare to choose the Hello Kitty which was exaggerated and cute.

In fact, the white one with English letters had crossed Jacob's line.

Frowning, he looked like a Satan in the dim light of the setting sun.

"Era Ling, you are courting death!"

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