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   Chapter 538 Beat Them Up Before Questioning Them

Reborn: My Wife Is A Successful Businesswoman By Meng Xiaoqi Characters: 6871

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"Mr. Principal, you must be very busy these days. Don't worry about me anymore. The most important thing is to take the college entrance examination. You can go ahead with your work. I can't see you off now."

Celia immediately found an excuse to send the principal away. It was not that she didn't want to call the police. After what had happened last time, she understood that it was useless to call the police. The police needed evidence to arrest people. Last time, because there was no evidence, it was David who was arrested. The culprit behind the accident was still living in peace. The tow hooligans had no enmity with her. Although they were rounded up and jailed, it could not cause any blow to the villain behind the crime at all.

She had let it go last time. She didn't get to the bottom of it too much. She had thought that they could learn a lesson, but it turned out that things would only get worse in the end. It was said that one couldn't repeat a mistake more than three times. Celia was not a woman to be trifle with and wouldn't give others a third chance to bully her again. If she didn't know how to fight back, others would think that she was a fool. She could also take advantage of the loophole of law!

Celia wouldn't give them a dose of their own medicine. Since she was forced to do it, she wouldn't show any mercy.

A hint of cruelty appeared in Celia's eyes. How could she not hate them? If Ted was not behind her, her legs would have been broken.

The heroine of the time travel had become a cripple? This was probably the most miserable female leading role of the time travel. This was a huge joke. She was so weak. If she didn't fight back, she would be killed sooner or later.

After the principal and Linda left, only Ted was left in the ward.

She didn't want to be hospitalized submissively. She still had a lot of things to do. At least the two hooligans who hurt her hadn't been solved. She didn't care whether they would confess their crime or not. She was not a police. No matter whether they would admi

hump again.

"Yes, we didn't mean to be against Miss Celia. Someone give us a large sum of money. As long as we can stop Miss Celia from taking the college entrance examination, or even make her unable to take it in the future. That's why we..."

If they had known that they would meet such a troublesome situation, they would not have accepted the order no matter how much money they were given. They almost lost their lives. They didn't know what Celia would do to them in the end.

"A lot of money? I'd like to see which employer is so generous."

Celia sneered. Although she was almost certain about it.

"The employer only gave a deposit of five hundred dollars for each of us. After that, the boss will give one thousand dollars for each of us."

The gangster said.

"That's three thousand in total. Humph, 3000? Do you still think it's a good deal?"

Celia was furious. Damn it! She had passed through the twenty-first Century, was she only worth three thousand dollars?

Her mother and aunt could get more than three thousand dollars monthly bonus in the shop. The more she thought about it, the angrier she became.

"No, no... We don't think so. Please let us go. We will never dare to do that again."

Although Celia didn't speak loudly to them, her low and gloomy voice made their chill. The calmer she was, the more terrified they felt.

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