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   Chapter 537 I Won't Become A Cripple

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Linda was a little hesitant. The doctor and the principal didn't allow Celia to take the college entrance examination. Celia’s legs were badly injured. Could it work?

"Miss Linda, I have another request. I'm afraid I can't move freely these days, so I want to take the examination with you. Cam you take care of me for a few days?"

Although there were females in Celia’s family, her mother and aunt would all worried about her so much, so they would definitely be reluctant to send her to the examination room when they saw her like this. Linda was a female teacher, so she was considerate and suitable to take care of herself. It was only three days and Celia would be fine.

"Of course I want to. But are you sure you want to do this?"

Celia's leg was badly injured. What if she felt pain in the exam? The weather was getting hotter. What if the wound was infected and worsened?

There would be chances for her to take the college entrance examination in the future, but she only had two legs.

"Yes, I'm sure. I've worked so hard for such a long time and I don't want to let go of this opportunity. You don't have to worry about me anymore. That's it. I know my own injury. Don't worry. I won’t a cripple for the rest of my life."

Celia was different from her peers. Her attitude was firm and her purpose was clear. No matter what they said, it seemed to be useless.

"Miss Celia, it's all my fault for not protecting you well. When Jim comes back, I don't know what to do. I feel ashamed to continue to protect you."

Ted was guilty. He felt that he failed to protect Celia, so she was seriously injured. He didn't know how to explain it to Jim.

"Ted, it's not your fault. If others have planned for a long time and we were off guard, we can't defend against them at all. Besides, if you are not here, how can I catch them? It's none of your business. Don't feel guilty. What's more, I have become like this, and my legs and feet are inconvenient, so I need your help and protection more. If you leave, if someone comes to kill me again, I can call for your help and protection."

How could

The accommodation of other students was not the best, and the conditions were relatively poor. He was afraid that Celia's legs and feet were not convenient.

"No, thank you, Mr. Principal. I'll stay with my classmates. Please book an exclusive room for me and I'll pay for it myself."

Other students must live together in one room, or they could make a bed on the ground. It was indeed inconvenient for Celia to do that, but she could live next to her classmates' room.

"Don't worry. The school can afford a room."

The principal knew that Celia didn't want to have any special treatment, but now that she was injured and had to take the exam, he was already very touched. Celia was really a good student, so how could he let her pay?

"Then thank you, Mr. Principal."

Celia said.

"By the way, I heard that your injury was caused by someone, right? Who is so venomous to hurt a little girl so badly? I heard that they were caught. Where are they? We must sue them until they were put behind bars."

It was not until everything was arranged that the principal remembered this matter. He looked angry, as if he wanted to skin those bastards alive. If he saw them, he would definitely slap them a few times, teaching a lesson for Celia. How could they do such a vicious thing at this critical moment? Did they do it on purpose so that Celia was unable to take the college entrance examination?

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