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   Chapter 536 Come Back Next Year

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Seriously injury made Celia unable to take the college entrance examination? The college entrance examination was just around the corner.

Seeing the forbearing expression on Celia's face, Linda felt aggrieved, pitiful and even distressed for her.

Why was Celia’s life so miserable? She was a healthy and positive child, but she suffered such a blow one after another. Linda was so angry. If she knew who was behind all this, she would definitely slap that ogre in the face and teach them a lesson. It was too much. That person was really a scumbag.

"I must take the college entrance examination."

Celia looked calm on the surface, but she was also angry in her heart. Someone wanted to kill herself at this time. How could she not be angry? She was not a fool.

But she knew it was useless to be angry. When the murderer behind the scenes was found out, she must punish him.

They had attacked her one after another. Did they really think that there was insufficient evidence to do anything to them? If she was really irritated by them, she didn't need to ask the police to teach them a lesson. Everyone could do something behind the back.

"But your leg... The doctor said they couldn't be infected."

Linda was so anxious that she didn't know what to do in a short time.

The teachers of the school knew that Celia had an accident and came to visit her one after another. Teachers and classmates were very concerned about her injury.

"How could such an accident happen? It's just a fall. Why did you get hurt like this?"

The headmaster not only felt sorry for Celia, but also worried about the college entrance examination two days later. Celia was the most promising person to get into the best university in the city and the No.1 student in the examination in the future. How could such an accident happen at such a critical moment?

"Mr. Principal, it was a ploy. Not only did Celia's bones break, but her knees were also covered with broken glass, and there are wounds all over her knees. She tried her best not to cry out. The doctor said that her injury is very serious and easy to inflame. She must be taken good care of and said that she couldn't take the exam."

The colleg

xt year. I believe that after a year's learning, you will only learn better next year."

What could he do? Although the school's enrollment rate was important, he couldn't ignore the safety of his students now.

"I'm going to take the college entrance examination. It's my own decision. I have the ability to endure the pain on my legs. If I don't take the college entrance examination, I will really get sick. I don't want to discuss this with you, but I have to go."

She could make decisions on her own. It only took her three days to overcome it.

"Celia, even if your family know that, they won't agree. You'd better report such a big thing to them."

The headmaster hoped more than anyone else that Celia could take the college entrance examination, but he was afraid of the pain in her leg. In addition, her mental problem would affect her performance in the examination, which was the last thing he wanted to see.

"No, thanks. I believe my family will support my decision. I'll just take some medicine with me. Miss Linda, please help me with everything that I need for the college entrance examination, such as the admission certificate, okay?"

Celia was a decisive woman. She didn't care whether the headmaster or the doctor agreed or not. She would make her own decisions.

"I can help you with all these things, but..."

Linda glanced at the headmaster and wondered whether Celia should take the risk to take the college entrance examination.

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