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   Chapter 535 Badly Injured Legs

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"Bro, don't beat me. We didn’t do it on purpose just now."

"Yes, this is the school. There are many people coming and going. How dare we do anything bad? We really bumped into this lady by accident."

"Yes, if you hit us again, we will call the police immediately!"

The two hooligans were shameless.

Before Ted could do anything to them, the two of them kept arguing.

It seemed that they were well prepared and had already come up with an excuse for themselves.

Hearing this, Ted became angrier. He punched the two men in the chest again until they had no power to fight back. Why did they hurt Celia? Why did they use such a despicable method to deal with a weak woman? It was not like a real man, but a bastard.

"Miss Celia, they are here. I'll call the police!"

The purpose of the two men was definitely not simple. Ted felt that they should be sent to the police station and let the police interrogate them.

"Don't call the police. Find a place to settle them down. I have something to ask them alone. Keep an eye on them first."

Who was it this time? She must find out the truth since they used such a dirty method in broad daylight.

"Okay, I'll do it. But your wound..."

There were so many pieces of glass on the ground. If they were not taken out form her legs, they would be infected. Celia was tough enough to bear the pain. As a man, Ted even felt pain when he saw the injury.

"It doesn't matter. Miss Linda, I can't stand up now. Can you take me to the hospital?"

Celia didn't feel the pain of the glass, but her knees just hit the stone heavily when she fell. She felt that her bones were almost broken and she couldn't even stand up.

"Okay, okay, of course. You guys come over and help her."

Linda was a little flustered. How could a badly injured girl be so strong? Celia dealt with things in such a situation in an orderly manner, as if the person who had just been injured was not herself.

Linda found a car and sent Celia to the hospital. The doctor cut off Celia‘s trousers and found that her exposed skin was badly mutilated.

"Little girl, th

t worry. She can't be lame, but she must take good care of herself. Her legs are broken, and now they are seriously inflamed. She must be taken good care of it. She can't eat spicy food these days. Eat some light food, and change the medicine frequently, in case of inflammation."

The doctor said.

"Then, can she take the college entrance examination?"

That was what Linda was most worried about now. If Celia couldn't take the college entrance examination, all her efforts would be in vain. She felt sorry for the child.

"Take the college entrance examination? Look at her now. Can she attend it? As I said, she is seriously injured. She needs to be taken good care of and be careful."

The doctor had to consider for the patient. Although the examination was important, her injury was a little serious now. She could take the examination if she was not hurt by the glass. But now the bone inside was broken, and the skin on the surface was injured. She could no longer withstand any torture.

"Doctor, it's not easy for my student. If she loses this opportunity to take the college entrance examination, her efforts will be in vain."

Linda felt a little depressed. Last time in the mock examination, someone secretly wanted to trap Celia. Did someone deliberately make her unable to take the examination because of the "accident"? Who on earth was so venomous to set up a little girl?

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